Monday, September 22, 2008

To Do Lists

Do you make To Do lists? I do on occasion, when I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with all the shit I need to get done. I have one right now that has got to be as long as Santa's naught & nice list. I know I won't finish everything on it today, but it helps me feel like I've accomplished something when I can cross it off.


Alice said...

Me!!! I love lists. I just am not so good at finishing them ...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. I'd lose my mind & wouldn't get anything done without them.

I have lists for 2 or 3 things needing to be done. There's always my "seasonal cleaning list" so I know the stupid crap that needs to be cleaned or put away.

Then, I have a list of crap E needs to do, because he either forgets himself or never finishes his crap.

If I write it down, I know it'll get done...eventually. It also helps me prioritize. Some things need to be done first, while others can wait.