Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Visit Home Ticker
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We bought into Disney's Vacation Club this last week.  And our first visit "home" will be in August of 2012.  We'll be vacationing with J's mom & stepdad, and taking our nephew to WDW for his first visit.  We can't wait!   We are also planning another trip for spring 2013 with my parents, so we will be sure to get our Disney quota's met.

Jason and I have been interested in DVC for years and we haven't had the financial opportunity to buy in.  And we are so proud of paying off a tremendous amount of debt over the last 2-3 years that we rewarded ourselves.  Yes, we are Disney fanatics.  To know us is to know that.  We plan trips every 2-3 years most of the time.  This allows us to visit and stay in a nice location and plan vacays to other places using our points.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Got Meds?

We had the elusive appointment with Dr. D today.  And it was a fantastic appointment.  Further confirmation that we have a pretty smart, creative, and special little girl.  I left the appointment feeling hopeful.  And validated.  He thinks she does have some sensory issues that run alongside and help increase her anxiety.  We got a "good job" basically on what we have been doing for techniques, etc.  Some things were recommended for tweaks, but overall we have been right on.

I know the title of this post is rather cavalier, but it's our reality.  We have decided the best course at this time is medication along with the therapy.  We know it's not an easy or quick fix, and it certainly was not an easy decision.  But it's the right one for us.  And the hope that our little girl can fall asleep easier, worry less, and love herself more in the long run is strong right now.  She is very excited to take her "medicine" and understands the basic concept that it may help her" brain work better" (her words).   I hope so too my dear.  Hopefully in about a month, we'll be on the swing to happier days for her.