Thursday, August 30, 2012

thankful for mostly good health

today i am simply thankful for good health.  yes, i am overweight and not in awesome shape.  but i do not have the worries some do as they wage a battle against cancer or some other health issue. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


today is our wedded anniversary.  14 years of wedded bliss.  okay so it's probably more like 12 years of wedded "bliss" and 2 years of "something else" totaling it up.  we have had our ups and downs, and more downs recently, but we have worked together and attempted to stay communicating the best we can.  my partner has his moments (as do i) but we make the best we can out of each day.  what more can you ask for?

Monday, August 27, 2012

fish nickels

yes, i am fully aware i have not posted anything in the last three days.  it's been one heck of a weekend, but focusing on the positive has mostly remained strong.  here are the hilights and the lowlights of the last several days.
  • both kids have been diagnosed with adhd and we now have both on medication.  (no judgements, if you want to expound about how i shouldn't put my kids on meds, you can quite frankly go shit yourself.)  kidlet 1 has been on meds for some time and the other will start tomorrow.  and i am really crossing my fingers for some positive reaction for kidlet 2.  he really could use it. 
  • i seriously am about crafted out after hitting several projects for J's party this weekend.  but i have some artwork to create yet for the following weekend as i participate in the fun sport of Ironman WI spectatorship.
  • i do not really talk about my side business much, but i do just have to post a slight rant.  it will make me feel better.  if you are going to contact a travel agent to book your trip and that person indicates that they will monitor for discounts, you do not need to email that person twice in one day to ask about the discount.  that person has taken care of it but has not had the opportunity to email you yet. 
  • a friend found out she has a softball size tumor on her uterus last week and will be heading into surgery near the end of this week.  that sucks.  no other words for it.  hoping with all that i have that it is nothing and the surgery is the end of it for her.
  • watching Ironman Louisville last evening (thanks to my IM pal, Sep).  what a freaking amazing experience.  it makes me even more excited for Sept 9th
  • i read a fb status today in which a child declared "fish nickels" as an expletive and after a session with the developmental pediatrician this morning and further tweaking a plan for kidlet 2, we were in need of a expletive to say as he has been saying some other choice word.  and our family has now adopted "fish nickels" as our family swear word.  it makes me giggle which is the point.  hopefully it will do the same for him.
between a lack of sleep, a crabby-ass partner, a kid with a motor revved on MAX this week...i am ready either dissolve into laughter or tears.  i keep hoping for laughter.  :)  and so onto the next day i go.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

long day

i do not have much energy this evening and not sure why i am feeling so flippin' bushed, but it has been a long day.  and one that i am simply thankful to be breathing. 

that is all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crazy kid

hard to find

gratitude and happiness at this exact moment are difficult to find.  earlier today, however, was a different experience.  we spent 4 hours at the pool today, doing absolutely nothing.  it was amazing.  i got some reading done, observed some hairstyle ideas (dying to cut it again), and worked on more color (yes, i know tanning is bad for me).  but it was an awesomely perfect afternoon.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

less stress

today's gratitude/happiness snapshot is of my new job.  i love the fact that the biggest stressor of my job is a volunteer who gets territorial about their "job" that they donate their time for.  gone are the days of almost daily stress headaches, feeling beat down on a regular basis, feeling not valued by my management team.  now i am told on a regular basis how happy my supervisor is to have me here and i have freedom to try and do new things or to put an updated spin on an "old" way of doing something.  i have freedom to be myself and not censor myself with management for the most part.  i love it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

mental at the dental

today i am thankful and appreciative of dental insurance.  i had to have a cavity taken care of that i have been putting off for 6+ months.  it is the last tooth on the bottom right side, on the inside of the tooth.  the dentist remarked it was one of the most difficult areas to work on.  once the lower half of my face was feeling three times the normal size and nice & tingly, she set to work.  my throat was partially numb and they had to push my tongue out of the way which resulted in a sensation of my throat being closed off.  i could breathe through my nose and had to stay focused to breath in & out to not freak the heck out.  thankfully she took breaks so i could breath through my mouth and feel as if i was catching my breath.  i am glad it is over and super happy to have dental insurance to help cover the cost of this dental adventure.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


positivity is something i have been lacking for some time.  i thought i was on an upswing with it, but after a few lovely chats with various friends over the last two weeks i was reminded that negativity persists.  and so i am on a mission to post at least one positive thing in my daily life for the next 30 days.  and to keep me on it, i am pledging to donate $1 towards a organization that i do NOT support due to conflicting personal views on a personal issue.  the name of the organization i will keep to myself, but i would dread to make a donation to it.  sounds like such positive talk right?  well, it is going to provide some additional motivation.

i am struggling to remain positive throughout the day and avoid letting the little things get to me.  i am tired of whining/complaining and wish to be more gracious for the awesome things i do have in my life. i started a happiness (i just typed happenis and corrected it, not sure where that falls in my positive thoughts today)before and will pick it back up again.

today i am grateful for the following things:  a roof over my head, children who are magical and believe in magic, the internet, and seeing bright stars all weekend.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012