Wednesday, September 5, 2012

swim bike run

three days until ironman wi.  and i cannot wait.  i am thrilled to be in attendance again this year and support my pal & all the other athletes.  this year, we know more what to expect and how to be better spectators.  it is going to be an awesome time!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

many things

several things rank high on the happy meter today.  it was the first day of school for the halfings and it went well.  no notes home (or phone calls) on the younger halfing and the eldest is super happy that the subjects of math and social studies do not begin until next week.  i have been anxious about the school year for both as they have both had some issues over the summer, but today the school year started off great.  i also worked my schedule to not work today, i got some shopping done, had lunch with J and got some computer work done this afternoon.  it was amazing.

i had the mop on my head lobbed off this morning.  i love my new do' and it feels amazing. 

ironman wi is just days away.  need i say more?  i am excited to get my spectator on!

i just read that over 5000 households are without power in our area this evening after a storm rolled through.  i am very thankful and happy that we are not one of them.  simple, right? 

Monday, September 3, 2012

back to school

it's back to school time tomorrow!  yay!!  i am hopeful, anxious, and excited for the school year to start.  i am looking forward to having them back in a much more steady routine and having some additional time to get shit done at home. 

getting hair cut tomorrow.  i cannot wait!!!