Monday, October 30, 2006

Those ADS!!!!

Jeez, I can't wait until the Nov. elections are over! I'm so sick and tired of all the tv commercials. He did this, he did that, she did this, she didn't do that. Come on!! I don't want to hear anyone attacking another candidate! Can you just tell me who you are and what you can do for our state? I'm so tired of the attacks. Of course, with the prez election shaping up for '08 I think it will be one loooonnnggg year.
That said, please get out and VOTE!! And please be an educated voter, do the research to see what candidate best fits your views.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Been Awhile

Well, can't tell I haven't been here in a while can you? Things are rolling along here.
Phoenix is now 5 months old and is growing so much each day. He loves to eat cereal and just tried carrots (which he LOVED) and peas (didn't like at all) this week. He's rolling onto his tummy all day long and cries when he gets stuck. He hasn't quite figured out the whole rolling from tummy to back thing yet.

Ariana started preschool this month and is lovin' it. She has so much fun and is learning new things which is always cool. She's excited for Halloween and can't wait until we have snow that stays on the ground so she can make snow angels. She, too, is growing up fast. She recovered quickly from her surgery and is breathing so much better now. For some kids solid foods don't start until a couple days post-op, but not our kid. She wanted pancakes within hours.

Jason is a walking fiend lately. They started a walking challenge at work and he's been walking up to 5 miles a day! Way to go, hon!

I'm enjoying my current job of parenting. ;-) Two kids is so much more difficult than one, but it's worth it. I'm taking two classes that just started. One is a digitial photography course for 3 weeks. Very interesting and I learned quite a bit from the first class. I'm also taking a belly dancing class. Great fun and exercise!

Well, that's all for now. The phone is ringing and I've got a crappy diaper to change.