Tuesday, June 26, 2012


my kids are in the pool with some "friends" and they are driving me batty!  they are brothers and the oldest one is in A's class.  he was over quite a bit at the start of last summer and we ultimately had to put a quash on him coming over as he was very inappropriate at times.  he seems to be better this summer, so while we are allowing him over to play, we have made the decision to provide adult supervision at all times.  which leads me to today.

the boys came over with their swim trunks and asking to play with A in the pool.  A didn't want to play, but P did.  A eventually head out.  the boys are so freakin rough and loud.  i thought my kids were loud, but fuck, they have nothing on these two.  they are not rough on my kids, but with each other.  however every time they are over, my kids (in particular P) ramp up their behavior.  and it never ends well.  i've been counting down the minutes and the one does not want to get out of the pool.  (insert rolling eyes here)  it has taken me 2 minutes to strongly encourage him to get out and get ready to leave.

this afternoon is a good reminder to limit time with these two boys.  they are not allowed over when gma is here alone with the kids and they are only allowed to play for 30 minutes or so.  no more than one hour for sure.  and i think i need to schedule some other play dates where some other friends come over.

........only two more minutes with them.

ETA:  it took me 11 minutes to be rid of them.

new(er) adventures

it's been almost one months since i left "the job" and i can honestly say my stress level has dramatically decreased.  i still have stress, but not in the way i had it before.  i am still attempting to navigate the new adventures my life have and that will take a bit, i'm thinking.  the new job is interesting, but not exactly going as i thought it would.  not that it's bad, i guess i didn't really know what to expect.  i'm giving myself some time to adjust and get things rolling prior to making any judgements on life.  ;)  hoping to have more time for blogging, cleaning/completing projects, etc in the coming weeks and months.