Wednesday, November 30, 2005

12 weeks

My blood pressure is low today, 100/65. I am showing protein in my urine, but we believe it to be due to dehydration. We were able to hear the heartbeat today, 168bpm. I got my flu shot. I asked when I should be concerned about the bleeding and he stated to worry if I’m having clots. We briefly went over the plan of care again. I scheduled for 4 weeks at the end of December. I’ll be 16 weeks along.

Friday, November 25, 2005

11 weeks

Last evening I had some minor cramping and spotting, and this morning the spotting became heavier. The cramping had become more pronounced as well. I called to speak with the OB on call, which happened to be the new OB. He had me come in to take a quick look via ultrasound. Jason was in the woods hunting, so I had to make arrangements for someone to watch Ariana while I went to the hospital. I called Jason to inform him what was happening and he informed me he had just shot two deer. Yikes! I told him to finish what he needed to and I’d be okay. I’d let him know what was happening when I knew something. My mother-in-law came over to watch Ariana for me, and I left for the hospital. I was trying to stay calm, but since the bleeding and the cramping were a bit worse than ever before I was quaking inside. Jason did meet me at the ER and came dressed in full hunting gear.

The OB came in and spoke with us. He did an ultrasound where we could see baby doing just fine! Jason thought “Spud” looked like a little turtle. “Spud” was moving both arms and legs. Doc also took a quick peek inside to see where the bleeding was coming from and apparently my cervix is super irritable. The bleeding is coming from the cervix itself, and not through the cervix from the uterus. He said I could possibly have the bleeding continue off and on for another 4-6 weeks.

My new OB was fantastic with his care and concern. Awesome bedside manner and he takes the time to listen to his patients. He did discuss what his plan of care would be for me, which he did not have to do. I have an appointment with him the next Wednesday, but he was more than happy to spend time with us. He thinks my chances for recurrence of HELLP is around 15%. He seemed impressed with my knowledge of what had happened to me. Since the hospital is adding a level III NICU this year, a perinatalogist will be seeing patients as well. A peri is a high risk OB who handles only high-risk pregnancies. The OB will have me see the peri in addition to him. My ultrasound for 18/20 weeks will be a level II ultrasound automatically. At 28 or so weeks, I will have baseline labs run to watch my labs for HELLP indicators. I will also have scans every 4 weeks at that time too, to keep an eye on my placenta. The minute I get a blip in this pregnancy, my OB wants to administer steroids for the baby’s lungs in case we do have to deliver early. I will also be seen for an OB check every two weeks, and if I want to come in for a urine/bp check anytime I can. That kind of care offers relief, and knowledge that I will be closely monitored.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

10 weeks

Here we are at 10 1/2 weeks! I'm feeling okay. Much better now that I'm off that yucky medicine. I still have morning sickness and the scale number is moving down, but it's livable. I'm very tired which people tell me is normal. At this point, I feel almost the same as I did with Ariana. My OB's office has a new OB start this month, and I made my next appt with him. I'm still coming to terms with being pregnant and not having Robin there. I think some of the grieving process recycled again as after I found out I was pg, I became sad then angry with him for not being here. When you have such implicit trust in someone and that person saves your life and is now gone, it's a difficult thing to handle. Many people do not understand that, and have shared so with me. But most of them do not have that close of a relationship with their physicians. We owe Robin so much and his loss is felt by so many. He was such a special person. I'm at the point where I am freaking out about being pregnant and what are we going to do with two kiddos. At times, I still can't believe I'm pregnant. I know everything will work out, but I still worry.