Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shrinking Jeans Week 4

Oye, I missed last week. I didn't lose anything last week and am down a single pound this week. Food choices have been okay, still working on cutting out the soda. I am finding my attraction to that is almost as strong as it is to chips & dip.

I admit that I will not eat well this weekend. I'm heading out for a weekend getaway, and I'll make some good choices, hopefully not too many bad ones. There will be a yummy bevvie along some of the meals.

I need to up my water intake and get moving my behind more. At least I'll have quite a bit of walking this weekend.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


This week I've shed too many tears. Tears for families who are without a loved one. Since the end of August, there have been 3 moms that I've read about who have lost their lives, or will lose their lives, due to complications from preeclampsia. Husbands left behind, children left behind. Parents unexpectedly trying to make sense of why their daughter is gone before them. A life ended too soon.

At a time when joy is supposed to happen, hell it's expected, these families are literally going through hell. Bri, a mom in MN, is being taken off life support today. After suffering HELLP Syndrome and having to have an emergency liver transplant to attempt to save her life, brain swelling will end her life. A mom died on Aug 30th after developing eclampsia with her pregnancy. And another mom who died that weekend was lost after preeclampsia led to complications. They all leave their children behind. Children who will grow up without their mother. It's not fair. It's not right.

This is why I continue to wage war on preeclampsia. Until know one had to shed a tear over a loss from this condition.

RIP ladies. You did not know me and the others who are thinking of you and your families, but you have touched us deeply.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm late for an important date

I missed weigh in on Wed. Bah. But I did step on the scale and I'm down 2lbs! Of course, the lovely Aunt Flo is making an appearance it seems this weekend...I'm hoping I can hold it together for the week. I've got a sick child, who is on the mend, but it was a pretty awful week with little sleep and lots of coughsies that lead to puking. For him. Not me.

Good things this week:
*I denied myself chips & dip, no matter how badly I wanted them. And it was bad this week.
*I cut waaaaay down on the soda since Monday. Still having at least one a day, but for a while there the other week I was having 3-4.

Bad things this week: I didn't exercise like I had planned.

This weeks goals: To exercise more and to drink more water!