Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm late for an important date

I missed weigh in on Wed. Bah. But I did step on the scale and I'm down 2lbs! Of course, the lovely Aunt Flo is making an appearance it seems this weekend...I'm hoping I can hold it together for the week. I've got a sick child, who is on the mend, but it was a pretty awful week with little sleep and lots of coughsies that lead to puking. For him. Not me.

Good things this week:
*I denied myself chips & dip, no matter how badly I wanted them. And it was bad this week.
*I cut waaaaay down on the soda since Monday. Still having at least one a day, but for a while there the other week I was having 3-4.

Bad things this week: I didn't exercise like I had planned.

This weeks goals: To exercise more and to drink more water!


Anonymous said...

Great job! Every little bit is a step toward your goal. You're doing great, and one thing that I try & remember, is if you have a setback (eat 10 cookies versus 2), the next choice is a new chance to keep moving forward. I've had, and continue to have my hardships with my weight, but I'm hoping overall I'm doing more good than bad. :)

P.S. If you don't like plain water, try Crystal Light. It's like calorie-free Kool Aid! (the kids love it too)

mumma boo said...

Hope the boy is feeling better and that the rest of you escape it. Don't worry about not exercising as much as you would have liked this week. You burned plenty of calories taking care of the little guy. Good luck! 2 pounds down is great!

lizo12 said...

Way to go girl! I am proud of you!

Christie O. said...

woo hoo! That's awesome girl! yep, every bit counts, good for you! hope the boy is feeling better though!