Monday, January 16, 2006

19 weeks

I saw the doctor today for an OB check. I am looking good, so he says. He looked at the measurements from the U/S last week and he says baby looks great; no growth restriction. Baby was laying transverse so he had a fun time trying to pick up the heartbeat on the doppler. Baby’s heart rate was 148, I believe. We talked about my visit with the peri. We also discussed my weight loss and how much he wants me to gain with this pregnancy. He chatted with us about having a boy and what his life is like with 1 boy and 3 girls. He was sharing fun stories about his son. I return for my next appointment in 3 weeks.

I suppose I could share baby's name with you all. ;-) I forgot to in the last update. This babe will be named......Phoenix Alexander.

Friday, January 13, 2006

18 weeks, 4 days

I had an appointment with the peri today. My blood pressure was awesome, 100/65. The peri did a 2D/4D ultrasound. Baby looks great. He couldn't see anything wrong with the spine. Most of the U/S was in 2D and he would focus in a body part and switch it to 4D, it was pretty neat. We discovered what sex "Spud" is......we're having a boy! You could have knocked me over with a feather, I was in shock. I thought for sure this babe was a girl. We were both in shock and just kept repeating all day, "We're having a boy." I did purchase some blue onesies, I just couldn't resist. We started spreading the news right away that the fourth person to join our family will be a male. Jason is happy as now the numbers will be even again.

The peri spoke with us about the risk of developing HELLP Syndrome with this baby. He's optimistic that I can get to 36 weeks before I start to have problems. He gave the same care plan as my OB for frequent monitoring as I enter the third trimester. The visit went well and I see the OB for a check on Monday.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

17 weeks, 1 day

The OB called today to let me know that our results from the AFP4 are back. They are showing an abnormal result for the spina bifada screening. The risk of having a baby with this is 1 in 290. I am no worried in the least at the moment. I have my ultrasound next week and we will get to have a peek at "Spud." He's going to have the peri take a close look at the spine for us. Ultimately, I was expecting an abnormal result and know that this is a screening, not a definitive test.

In the last week or so, I think I've felt baby move a couple times. There is a slight fluttering once in a while. I also think I've been having braxton hicks as my uterus has been tightening up off and on as well. I am starting to show just a bit, not a whole lot yet. I need to move to maternity pants soon, but the tops still seem too big to wear yet. My morning sickness is all but gone. The only thing that remains is this awful gag reflex in the morning. So far, I've been craving Sweet Tarts. Chips & dip were a another frequent eat during the first trimester. Spagetti is not my friend, just like with Ariana. My one staple of each day is my morning Mt Dew.

I really think Spud is a girl. Most everyone thinks it's a girl, but a few are saying boy (like my mom). If it's a boy, I think I'll fall over (good thing I'll be laying on a table when we find out, huh). The Chinese lunar calendar says girl too with my age at baby's birth and month of conception. We'll see....