Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weather could be worse, it could be snowing

bring sexy back

It struck me this afternoon as I was in the vehicle driving home that when the a/c is turned on full blast, you know the just got in the vehicle and I'm dying from heat full on blast, that some part of me feels like I am on stage or a model and the gimondo fans are blowing on my and making my hair flow with the wind.  The sexiness is all on, fo' sure!

Here is my ginormous, rock star fan....

And this is what I really look like.....

Nope, pretty sure I'm not bringing sexy back. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Life Moment 4067

Last evening I returned home from the grocery store to find my husband searching high and low for the camper keys.  We returned home from camping at the end of June and put the camper up to empty it out and to let it dry as it had rained that weekend.  It's been up ever since.  Two weeks at least.  I know I saw them at that time, but how the hell am I supposed to know where they are?  I lug the groceries upstairs, sighing and possibly rolling my eyes as this situation.  Pssst....J has an issue with putting something in a "safe" spot and then forgetting where he put it.  Hence, the camper keys situation.  I let him be as he ravaged through the garage only to come in five minutes later with the keys.  So, where did he find them?  On the front corner of the camper about 8 feet in the air.  Yes, ladies & gents, they were on top of the camper for the last two+ weeks. 

This is one of our family moments.

4 hours of nothingness

I have spent the last four hours doing much of nothing.  I watched Silver Linings Playbook (great movie) and Pitch Perfect (again), I added some photos to fb, and basically did nothing else.  It was freakin' amazing.