Sunday, October 30, 2005


October 2005
The progesterone stinks!! It’s messy, and starting to cause me problems. I have to wear a pad because of leakage issues, and since I don’t wear them normally, I’m not really happy to wear them now. I’m pregnant and I’m not supposed to worry about pads & tampons. The progesterone is making me incredibly nauseous. I feel like puking all day long, but holy cow is it awful in the evenings! Yuck! I keep telling Jason that this is our last baby, for sure! I cannot do this yuckiness again. He keeps telling me to suck it up, I’m growing a baby.

On Oct 25, I had a nurse appointment. She ordered basic labs and did a urine test. I am 7 weeks pregnant. My first appointment with the OB should be next week, she said, and that I’d probably have an early ultrasound to help date the pregnancy. She was telling me about the new OB that was starting in a few weeks.

Eventually I start having bleeding issues this month. Apparently the progesterone can irritate the cervix and cause bleeding. Joy. How nice is that? The medicine I need to maintain this pregnancy is causing me to bleed and freak out that I’m miscarrying. I bled a bit with Ariana, so I knew that things could be okay. However, Thursday Oct 27th, I had heavier bleeding that did worry me. I woke up and had quite a bit of blood. I hadn’t felt ill the night before and that morning, so I believed I was losing this pregnancy. Jason was trying to remain positive, but I felt in my heart that things were ending. I called the office and Tara got me in for an ultrasound that day. Thankfully, the tech was able to find a heartbeat. Everything I was holding inside rushed through me. Jason and I were both in tears at the sight of our little one.

Thursday, October 6, 2005


My labs come back, and my HCG is tripled. However my progesterone is a tad low, so the OB would like me to be on progesterone supplements. They order the prescription and the only place in town that stocks it is WalMart. I am so not thrilled about having to take these suppositories twice a day. When I go to pick up the prescription that evening, the pharmacist informs me that I can use these vaginally and anally. How exciting! I tell you, you’ve never seen a person so happy to be able to use the suppository vaginally rather than in the butt. Thus begins my fun time with progesterone…