Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Catchy title

I'm making a thread on a discussion board about our May trip to Disney. It's for my SIL's wedding, and right now it's titled "Wearing Red in May." Any ideas for something catchier?

Commitment to Self

I've tried to do the healthy living crap for years. But I seem to resort back to my old habits of drinking soda daily and giving in to my endless cravings for chips and pizza. I am so disgusted with myself. Why can't I commit to living healthier? Why can't I stick with an exercise program? I see these people on tv on the weight loss shows and I think to myself, is that what I look like? Is my butt that big?

I know I've got rolls and extra flab. I don't need anyone else to tell me that. I look in the mirror and I'm sad. I feel like I'm not worthy of....well, I don't know. I lack self empathy. I beat up on myself.

I'm pledging to live better today. And since I've blogged about it, maybe my ass will stick with it. I'm on my 2nd glass of water and I'm hoping to walk this evening. I'm cutting down on the snacking and soda intake. It's time, I can't waste any more of my life. It's not that I want to lose a gabillion pounds, although that would be nice. I simply want to be healthier, live longer, and have more energy.

I think I can do it. No, I hope I can this time.

Dear Presidentail Candidate,

I am sick of hearing about who said what about whom, who did what, etc. It makes me sick honestly. I don't want to hear how you think the other candidate is not the right person for the job. Tell me about YOU. I want more details than saying you are going to "change" health care, the situation in Iraq, etc. Don't just tell me you have a plan, share some of it with me. This hullabaloo of smiting each other is ridiculous. Focus on the issues and tell me why you are the best candidate.

I've visited the websites of the candidates I like. I was struck by how similar in design they were. However, the content varies. There were several key issues that are important to me that I was looking for on each website. Candidate A's information was very simple to find, Candidate B's was awful (I had to search long for it and then still wasn't happy with the info), and Candidate C's was so-so.

We've only received phone calls from one candidate so far, and it started quite a while ago. I'm not sure how we got on the list, but when I told the person I wasn't sure who I was voting for, they got a little huffy. Well, excuse me.

I don't know who I'm voting for yet. I'm leaning to one, but my mind is not made up yet. I would like more information on how this person is going to "change" our country for the better. The slogan is not enough for me.

Irritated Voter

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Laugh Out Loud

I caught this commercial on Friday and just about peed myself. I could not stop laughing.

PE takes another life

Mother Dies After Birth of Twins

There are just no words.

It was also the anniversary of another woman's passing last week. Shelley passed away after developing HELLP Syndrome. Her daughter survived.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

52 weeks = 52 books

So, I was blog cruising the other day and came across someone who is reading a book for every week of the year. Since I read so much, I thought it sounded like a good idea. So, I'm going to give it a shot. What about you?

I found this website, Shelfari that you can keep track of your books online. Books you've read, planning to read, your wishlist. Very cool.

Lights, Camera, ACTION

He did it! He peed on the potty yesterday! WOOOHOOOO!!! Of course, he didn't do it again in the 30 additional times afterwards, but I'll take it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Step 1 in Potty Training?

Phoenix is obsessed with the toilet. He has been for months. Lately, however he wants to sit on the potty whenever one of us is doing our business. We sit him on the toilet and he then hops down, grabs some TP, wipes, and flushes. All while clothed. The dilemma for me is do I go through the ordeal of undressing him and putting his naked behind on the pot.

So, with his other fascination of taking off his diaper and pointing to his peanut, or spreading shit all around his crib....I bought him pullups. Yes, they are more expensive to buy, but it's less hassle for me. The only thing is his butt is so teeny yet the smallest size they have is a tad large on him yet. So, I have to watch the poopy diapers closely so we don't have spillage.

Monday the child sat on the big toilet about 20 times. I noticed at the end of the day he was pushing a bit. So, yesterday I put him on and he farts each time. (Can I get a hell yeah?). So, bare bottom he goes on the potty. And he farts EACH time. Of course this results in him giggling and clapping like he just did something momentous.

Today, he's doing it again. No actual action yet, but I'll take what I can get. Please tell me this is him starting to use the potty, and the end of diapers is near. What a wonderful world that would be!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

American Idol

This is hilarious! We watch the audition to get our dose of daily laughter, but this one can't help but bring a slight tear to the eye.

And this one had us clutching our stomachs.

"Don't Swallow That!"

I am a lifelong gum eater. A piece of gum can last me from 30 seconds to a few minutes. I can't help it, I chew it and swallow it. I've done it from little on. I can remember my mom & grandma telling me that the gum would collect in my stomach and I would get sick. I scoffed at those comments.

Now, my daughter eats her gum. She LOVES gum, but we've had to set a limit on the amount of gum she can have a day. She literally will eat 3+ pieces on our way home from school, which is about 3 miles. I, being the gum eater I am, have not told her that she will get sick when it collects in her tummy. No, I told her that when she swallows her gum it's going to come out the same way the rest of her food does. With one caveat. When she farts, she will have a fart bubble from her gum.

She thinks it's hilarious.

Added 1/23: A girlfriend sent this photo to me yesterday. She got a laugh from it, especially after this blog post. The email was titled, "Govt Health Warning: Don't Swallow Your Gum"

Blog For Choice Day

Today is the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

This is a topic that I have not spoken about to many people as I'm more of the kind of person who keeps my opinions about "hot-button" issues to myself. I respect other peoples opinions and hope they would extend the same courtesy. I will say in advance that this is MY blog. I will delete any comments that are derogatory, etc.

I am pro-choice. I have always supported a women's right to choose for as long as I can remember. I will not presume to put myself in someone else's shoes and make a decision for her. Abortion is not a black & white issue. I will not use my own personal experience/beliefs to tell another person they are "wrong." The issue of abortion is highly complex and the bumper sticker propaganda put forth by the anti-choice believers does not address that. This issue elicits such strong emotions, and most often discussions are heated. I ask you to talk with real people rather than preach to the masses, and that goes for both sides.

For me, pro-choice means that I support for women to be able to make choices about their own medical care without interference from the government or other parties.

Why am I pro-choice?
*I am pro-choice because my body is my own. It does not belong to anyone else.

*I am pro-choice because accidents do happen. And there is difficulty for many women with access to birth control, the morning after pill, etc. There are women who have used birth control that has failed, even when used properly.

*I am pro-choice for the abused women who's partners forced them into sex and face the obstacle of leaving an abusive relationship, mostly alone.

*I am pro-choice for the women who have been raped. Whether the woman did not go to the ER for whatever reason, for those denied access to emergency contraception, etc.

*I am pro-choice because many women face serious complications that make pregnancy a risk to their health, such as preeclampsia.

*I am pro-choice because I don't believe that women who discover they are pregnant unexpectedly are bad and deserve punishment.

*I am pro-choice because I see that some women have less access than other women to education, support, etc.

The fertility of a woman affects pretty much all aspects of her life: education, jobs, marriage, family, health (physical and emotional). I do think abortion is traumatic and would not wish it on anyone. However, I understand there are circumstances where it is the best choice for a particular individual. Having had an abortion does not make you an awful person. No matter the station, women do choose abortion for their own reasons. Married women, single women, mothers. I support each one of them.

The majority of abortions occur during the first trimester. The third trimester (late term abortion) that is talked about so much does occur less often. And most of those are done to save the life of the mother. I would think most women would not have a late term abortion unless it is absolutely necessary. There are women who have planned for their babies, and find out their baby has a serious health condition, or the fetus has died inutero. Whatever the reason, these women should have options. There are radio show hosts who believe there should be NO exceptions because then the issue becomes more muddled. One of them stated last year that a woman's life is almost "never" in danger during pregnancy. His entire statement made it clear to me that he is uneducated in pregnancy and women's reproductive systems. But yet, there he is spouting his beliefs about a topic he knows little about. Women DO lose their lives during pregnancy. I can come up with a list of women who's lives were at risk during their pregnancies due to preeclampsia, and some of them have been told not to have any more's too risky. I trust each woman and her doctor to make an informed, viable decision.

In my previous work as an advocate for sexual assault victims, I have had to discuss all options available to them. It is not my job to tell them what to do, what I think, etc. I must present all options to them and support them in the decision they choose. A woman who has just been raped feels alone, and at times an advocate is the only person they have for support. Society blames them for dressing too sexy, for not saying "no" loud enough, and all the other bullshit reasons for guilt.

The right to choose is more than the legality of abortion. It's about the fact that women are losing their control over their own self. The pharmacy who refuse to fill a contraceptive. The doctor that turns his/her back on the patient and what's right for the patient. The insurance company who will not cover birth control pills, but pay for the male erectile dysfunction medication. This is oppression, it's forcing one person's agenda on another human being without any thought as to how or why the person needs help. It's forcing women back into a contained box again.

On the issue of abortion=birth control. Yes, there are women who unfortunately have used abortion as a method of birth control. However, once you actually start speaking with women who have had abortion, you will find that that is not the case for the majority. Abortion is not conveinent. It involves serious emotional turmoil and guilt. There are women who never deal with the fact they had an abortion, and some who live in denial they did. Abortion is a devastating decision to make. To say it's made without any forthought is insulting.

For me, I wish the anti-choicers would listen to women's stories. Why some are getting abortions, and how it is important to them. Not to lay the guilt trip, just listen, openly and respectfully. Look that woman in the eye who has just had her body violated, who has lost a child and almost her own life due to preeclampsia, who's baby has a terminal medical condition discovered in the womb. Abortion is an awful thing to have to go through, and making a woman feel guiltier about it doesn't help the situation. Many women who do make the decision to have an abortion grieve in strong fashion. She now has to do it privately as society will condemn her. Why can't we show love and support to a woman who has just likely made the most difficult decision of her life?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rock On

I just emailed the guy I'd like to do my tattoo. I'm hoping to get some pricing off the photo I gave him and schedule an appointment. I was hoping to have this done by mid March, but it looks like I may have to hold off a bit so I can save up some more moola. Keep your fingers crossed that it's not too pricey! I'm figuring it can't cost more than the one I have as that was larger and more detailed.

By popular demand, here's what I would like to get.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Where's Your ...."

If I put the word in the title, my husband might just commit homicide. I'm probably going to get comments about this post once he reads it, but hey I'm the mom and it's my job to embarrass my children. Right?

So, the little one has fallen in love with his privates. Yep, he loves his penis. As every boy & man does, eh? Sure, he discovered his tool a while ago, but this is like giggling discovery. He wants his diaper off to touch it kind of discovery.

I'll be honest. When I found out when I was having a baby boy, I sort of freaked over the whole "junk" thing. That's right, I called it "his junk." I was used to the girl parts, where I didn't have to pick anything up or move it over to clean around. Girls are pretty easy to clean for the most part. And now I'm going to have a penis to worry about? Oh, shit.

It freaks me out when he springs the woody and I open up that diaper for the surprise. Um, I'm your mother and that's like, uh gross. I'm getting used to it, well not that used to it. But used it enough where I can tell daddy about the big one his son produced that day. You moms of little boys know what I'm talking about.

So, Phoenix has discovered his penis. (His sister called it a "peanut" for a long time, which I let her use even though we're about correct terminology in our home.) A few weeks ago, he would put his hands "down there" (gasp) and give me a little smile. Day after day, the smile got bigger. And now I can ask "Phoenix, where's you penis" and he'll point to his groin. Come on now, it's funny. Admit it. I don't do it often, but it's like his newest trick. We go through "Where's your nose, ears, etc." Why can't he find his penis?

Much to my husbands chagrin, I've had this trick performed for the grandma's. "Will you stop please." I know I can't do this for long, so I'm enjoying laugh while I can. After all, just think about how in 20 years I can remind him of this. He'll die of embarrassment!

He's just proud of his junk and is earning his way to manhood. ;)

Saving a Buck

I thought I'd be smart and save a buck or two when buying toilet paper. Wrong choice. I usually buy the red Charmin, but for some odd reason picked up Angel Soft. Um, Soft? That stuff chaps my ass. Okay, I know blogging about toilet paper may not be chic or whatever, but I thought it was funny. I picked the pack thinking it was another brand, of which the name continues to escape me. And I was sorely disappointed. But we have about 6 rolls left to use up before that red Charmin can save our bums. So much for saving a buck.

Okay, I promise something of more substance soon. ;) Hang in there.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Wrong Way Jose

For New Year's Eve, I picked up some Swiss Cake Rolls (Ho-Ho's for those that don't have Little Debbie). I figured this would be a fun treat for the kids. Ariana destroyed hers. There is a way to eat a SCR and this is not it. Jason was laughing at me as I took in the way she was eating her snack. He and I actually enjoy our's in a different way. I like to take all the outer chocolate off first, then slowly unwrap the cake part, licking off the filling, until I have this U-shaped tube. He starts unrolling it with the chocolate on. But the way this girl ate her's was just plain wrong.

You be the judge.

Blog Funk

I seem to have tons of things throughout the day that I think, "Oh, I have to blog about this" but when it comes time to sit down, I'm empty. It seems there is this lapse of brain power that occurs, maybe it's the soda reduction plan I'm on. ;)

I'm going to try writing things down on paper if it comes to me when I'm not on the computer, maybe I can express myself more fully then.

Ho hum.

Have a super day everyone!

Cleaning House

For those of you who find the blog via our family website, please make note of the blog address as we will be taking down the other website. It's just so much to keep up and I haven't been able to update it for months and months, so rather than keep paying for it we are planning to stop running it.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Great Googley Moogley!

I've had 26 visitors today. Here's a big hello to everyone!

Come on people, feel free to comment and say hi! You don't have to have a blogger account to do so.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

At a loss

I have no new books to read at the moment, and nothing that I own and previously have read sounds appetizing. I really feel lost.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Tonight is one of those evenings where husband and wife have limited contact and/or conversation in our home. No matter who says something, the other seems to take it the wrong way. We're both tired and a teensy cranky, which is when this usually starts to unfold. He's been working some extra hours and feeling pressure for a project at work. He went into the office to work today. Wonderful. He comes home in time for playoff football, and sits on his ass all afternoon/evening with the occasional moment with a child or folding of the kid's clothing. That leaves me taking on heavier house & kid duties. Waaanderful.

The thing that set me off this afternoon was him not wanting to take Ariana outside to play for 20 minutes. He wanted to watch football. (Football is a sore subject in this house at the moment.) I, of course, got bitchy and said I'm sick of football coming before other things. Like your children, who haven't seen you all day, and want to spend time with you. He suggest I take her outside. Sure, me who has no snow pants and has this beautiful chest cold. Thank you so much for thinking beyond yourself. So, I fall into my pig-headed stubborness and get Ariana dressed and then myself, at which point he comes over to put on his stuff. A small tiff ensues with me continuing to be stubborn and pissy, and him saying, fine whatever. He got to go to a f'in Packer game last week while I stayed home with sick kids. I had sick kids all week. On New Year's I got a couple of hours for myself. I said I was going to try out my new scrapbooking tool, a Cricut, some. Well, I spent a bit too much time of the computer for his liking and he comes downstairs with this f'in tone in his voice, "I thought you were playing with your Cricut." Um, if it's my time...shut the hell up. I can spend it how I like. It's just adding up this week.

I get that he's tired and stressed. I appreciate the fact that he goes to work M-F to earn a living to provide for us, I really do. And I know that he appreciates me being home with the kids and doing the majority of the housework. He is a wonderful help with the kids, most of the time. Hell, he's ten times more involved than some of the husbands I know. I went into marriage and parenthood knowing that our partnership would be as close to 50-50 as possible. I'm an equal opportunity parent. It's give and take.

But there occurs these moments when I'm pissy about doing 18 f'in loads of laundry over the last two weeks, shopping, wiping butts, figuring out what's for dinner, looking at the scummy toilet and saying, gee I better clean that...moments where I'm just tired of doing all that crap. He can say thank you for taking care of all the things I take care of all day for days, but there's this level of deeper understanding that I don't think he gets. Yes, I understand the constrains of a full time job with pressure and stress...I use to work full time. There's more to being a stay at home mom than playing with your kids and putting dinner on the table. Yes, I understand I perhaps have more time to clean and do laundry. But, if you've ever spent an entire day with our children, you know that the extra time isn't what it seems to be. I typically start to get pissy when he slacks off some. The slacking could be due to illness, work, whatever. I try to understand some of it, but eventually I'm so frickin' tired of keeping everything running that my mouth seems to shoot off. I attempt to keep things running smoothly so there are few bumps along the way. But that gets exhausting after a while.

We are different in many ways. We do lots of things differently. We worry about different things. One shining example is me going through the kids clothing, putting aside the items that no longer fit and pulling out the next size clothes we have. And making sure each child has enough clothing. I take care of that, I always have. And I made the moronic decision to work on that this week when I'm in a peaky mood. Not my best decision. So, of course, I get pissy and we have slight words about it. I'm pissy cuz he never has to worry about stuff like this and I ask what he'd do if I wasn't here to take care of that particular task. He laughs and says, well the kids would be wearing clothes probably way past when they no longer fit. Funny, very funny. This causes me to roll my eyes and slowly back into the bedroom again where my eyes start to tear up. These are the types of things that he does not understand. And unless I, for some reason, wouldn't be here to do it...he'll never have to worry about it.

We're both tired. He allows himself to sit his ass on the couch watching TV all evening. Me, I have problems allowing myself to do something like that. There always seems to be something to do, dishes to wash, clothes to fold, toys to clean up, etc. I have a more difficult time relaxing in situations like that. And I know it, it's incredibly frustrating for me.

I can appreciate our difference, but there are times when I loathe them as well.


The kids are finally over, or getting over, their yuckies. But I've started with some junky chest/throat thing. My throat gets so dry during the day, ugh. So, I'm not feeling so hot and obviously have nothing of worth to write about for the moment.

Hope the New Year is going well for everyone.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Explaining Death

How do you explain death to a 4 year old? The father of one her friends at school died this week. I'm not sure what will be shared by the teacher, or more importantly the little 4yo mouths (where they seem to know way more than you'd think). Ariana knows about death to a small degree, but this is the first death that she can somewhat understand and while it doesn't cause her pain, it is causing pain to her friend.

The bigger question I guess is figuring out what myself and Jason think about death. Jason loathes discussing death, so it's not a topic we talk about frequently. I don't necessarily believe in the white heavens with angels singing, etc. Quite honestly, I don't know what I truly believe about it. I think there is some type of afterlife, but don't really have a picture in my head of what it consists of. I haven't spent too much time thinking about it.

I just want to be prepared in case she asks questions. Jason and I are going to talk about it tonight and decide what to say. It's finding the balance of how much to say. We'll see what she wants to know and go from there.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I wish you a year filled with fulfilled dreams and promises, belly-shaking laughter, and much love.

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