Friday, November 30, 2012

Finishing up thankful things....

22.  books.  any version of books.  i live to read and love it.  and my kids love to read as well, which is #23.  :)

24. both of my children's teachers this year are fantastic.  they both help the kids and stay positive even when the kids are having a frustrating day.

25.  access to medical care.  need i say more?

26.  i am thankful for all of the new people i have gotten to know this year.  some of you are more awesome than others (hehe), but each one of you have made an impact on my life.

27.  laughter is key to life and without it i would wither and die.

28.  i am thankful that Extreme Home Makeover is back on for the holidays.  that show can always make me cry and always remind me to be thankful for what i have.

29. today i am thankful for cheese and living in WI where i can have all sorts of cheese.

30.  i am thankful for the opportunities given to me this year in my life.  i have made some changes and some mistakes, but here's to 2013.  it can only get better, right?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

a load of thankfulness

soooo, here goes a truck load of thankfulness.  be patient with me.  and read them all, i may sneak a gut-buster in there.  #you never know.

7 - i am really freakin' thankful for my iPhone.  completely rubbish thing to be thankful for, but i just love it.  so very much. 

8 - i unplugged from technology (besides our dvd & tv) for more hours than i expected to this last week.  it was full of awesomeness.  and i didn't miss it. 

9 - tonight i am very thankful for my large hospital mug i got when the boy child was in the hospital in jan.  it holds a fantastic amount of liquids.  could be a mixed drink or could be water, either way i can suck on that baby for a long time.  (did you laugh at that one?)

10 - i am extremely thankful that i am not ill.  my husband, on the other hand, is.  and somehow it is just as painful for me.

11 - we had a very bountiful thanksgiving meal and for that i am thankful.  thankful we could provide that for our family.  thanksgiving has not been a huge deal in my family, but we've carved (ha ha!) out our own little tradition in the last few years.

12 - i am incredibly thankful for friends who can make me laugh.  you know who you are.  the lightheartedness means more to me than you can ever know.

13 - the hubster, even though he is waaaayy annoying today with his illness, i am thankful for him.  we have weathered some really big storms and i know life is not easy with me, thanks for working with me to make this crazy life of ours work the best way for us.  i am not perfect and i make mistakes, but you have stuck by me and i appreciate that.

14 - i adore the movies.  and having gone to the movies twice within one week is spectacular!  the upcoming months will prove to be just as delightful with many movies on my "want-to-see" list.  nothing like the big screen.

15 - tampons are awesome.  i want to give thanks that pads are not part of my monthly attire.  (sorry, guys)  (ladies, you know what i am talking about)

16 - we are heading out on vacation this next week and i am very thankful about many a things about that vacay.  16A:  my dad's delta points getting us airfare  16B:  people watching at Disney, there's simply nothing better   16C:  the holidays at Disney, extra magical    16D:  no work for the week!

17 - my cousin and her partner are having a shindig next fall.  and they asked me to be a part of it.  how freakin' awesome, and i am so thankful for the both of them.  i have always supported marriage equality, however having those two in my life has allowed myself to grow with my support for equality.  i am thankful nikki has found the one and vice versa.  they make each other better people and are just plain fun to be around.

18 - my mom came across my grandfather's wedding band and she gave it to me last week.  while my grandparents divorced shortly after i was born and i do not recall them being together, i am very appreciative of the token.  something to keep on my person, if i wish, that is tangible.  he's been gone for 18 years. 

19 - i have chosen to look at my preeclampsia experience with gratitude.  i have met some amazing individuals as a result of my involvement with the PF and have been involved in some AWEsome things as a result.  i am able to appreciate my life and my children in a way I could never have dreamed of before.

20 - i am weird.  and i like it.  i never imagined being thankful for not usually being the odd person out, but in the last few years (in particular this year) i have embraced this and myself.  if you do not like it or accept me for who i am, that is your issue not mine.  i am a geek who loves star wars and lotr, a nerd who loves to read.  and acceptance is a beautiful thing.

21 - choices, i am so very thankful for choices.  we have the ability to make choices about our lives.  choices that lead us into a different direction, choices that may be the most difficult we ever make, choices on simple things.  not everyone may support those choices, but they are ours to make and ours alone. 

alright, i think that is it for tonight.  my attention span is beginning to wane.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful #6

I am thankful for those in my life that are respectful and non-judgmental (most of the time, cuz admit it we all judge once in while).  I have come across some very offensive facebook posts today with the election and I find it so disturbing that the one person in particular would post such a hateful, disrespectful thing.  I feel very strongly about many things and am thankful that the majority of people in my life are respectful of each others opinions.  I am thankful that I, as a woman, have the right to vote and offer many thanks to those who made that possible. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful Items 3, 4, and 5

so rather than days, i am going to post my thankful items.  it just works much better with life.

thankful item #3 - i am thankful i can provide for my kids.  as a child who grew up on AFDC (old version of welfare) and didn't figure out others didn't shop at goodwill for their school clothes until about 4th grade, i am so fucking thankful i can provide new, clean clothing for my kids.  that i can purchase ALL of their school supplies, even if it may be painful to the checkbook to do so.  that my kids can attend swim lessons and other activities without worry.  that there is always a christmas or birthday gift, or something just because.

thankful item #4 - i am thankful for my tall-ass hot chocolate from Starbucks on Saturday.

thankful item #5 - i am thankful for a safe environment for myself and my family.  violence is not something my children have to witness between their parents.  while we may not always have our shit together, we always come out on top...together. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2 Thankfulness

Day 2:  Today, I am thankful for my pal, R.  I was having a complete shit day and while I was at Target, I heard my name called by R.  What a delightful surprise.  R is someone who makes my soul feel at ease the minute I'm with her.  She's a friend that we can just be, there is no pretense, no gossip, no fakeness....we simply enjoy each others company.  Moments of talking non-stop and moments of silence.  And today, having the awesome opportunity to chat with her, much too briefly, turned my day around.  And for that, as well as her, I am so thankful.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 1 of 30 Days of Thankfulness

I'm going to continue my reminders to myself to be present and do a thankful item each day of November.  It may not happen daily, but by the end of the month there will be 30 of them.

Day 1:  Today I am thankful for Phoenix.  He is strong-willed, stubborn, imaginative and sometimes out of control, but he is one of the most loving children I know and he gives the best hugs ever.  There are times I curse that child to myself because of a difficult moment, however most of the time at the end of that moment, he is remorseful for his choices and is able to make better decisions.  He is a child who can make me laugh at my darkest times and sooth heartaches.  He loves 150%, everything he does is big.  And I love him and am so thankful for the opportunity to be his mom.