Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gay protest signs

A friend shared this with me after we had chuckled over a gay protest sign we saw. Mucho love to my friends who this means a lot to!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I really love sleep.  A good sleep that consists of 8+ hours.  The only problem is that I cannot recall the most recent 8+ hour stretch I had.  Yes, we were camping last week with no kids.  However I did not sleep through a single night, whether that was from having to get up to pee or the frequent nighttime storms we had.  The key issue at home is the boy child.  Who usually gets up at least 1-2, sometimes 3, times a night.  To sleep.  With. Me.

And sometimes I am too tired to even care and he sleeps with me.  Oh my, I am doing the unforgivable aren't I?  I'm letting my child sleep in my bed with me.  It is what I have to do sometimes to simply get some sleep.  But it's getting old.

What is older is the fact that the boy child takes FOREVER to actually fall asleep when he goes to bed.  Sometimes it's over two hours we are dealing with him.  We are trying to get him back into a routine, but it's been a struggle since he's been such a shit.  He can walk over to you sitting next to the doorway, but then says his ankle hurts or his legs are broken and cannot get in bed.  This just after he crawled out and walked over.  sigh.  Not to mention the hubby and I have some differing POV's on things and handle things differently at times.  That sure helps a lot.  Not.

I'm struggling with what to do.  And I need time to get some other things done at night as well as actually catching some Zzzzz's.  Any sleep/bedtime tips to share?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August AWEsomenesses

  • Camping - okay, well maybe not camping itself, but being child free for several days with little responsibility.
  • The shower I took when I got home.  Nothing like a shower after a camping trip.
  • iPhone 4.  Yep, it arrived yesterday and I'm LOVING it!!
  • First house payment due.  Yes, I am celebrating this. ;)

That's the tops for the month so far.  I'm feeling a bit in the dumps today so I figured I'd do a quick AWEsome post.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Stripper Sheep

Yes, these are poor animals at the local fair this week.  And we couldn't help but take a photo.  Because. This. Is. Hilarious!  Dontcha think?  First, we spotted a lovely fella in a glorious purple outfit and then spotted the animal print and it was all over.   Here we are at the fair, on the lookout for offenders who shouldn't be there, and we come across these beauties.  And let's just say our minds immediately stepped off the curb into the gutter.  How could it not?  Sheep with leotards?  It was the highlight of our night!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My newest drooltastic thing

Welcome to the Disney Dream, Disney Cruise Line's newest ship.  And I have the opportunity to sail on this beauty in about 5 months.  Talk about saving my pennies!

Monday, August 2, 2010

2010 Promise Walk - Wausau

I'm about two months behind, but finally sharing some highlights and photos from the Promise Walk for Preeclampsia that was in early June.  We about doubled the number of participants and met the goal of $3700 with fantastic support.  We had awesome raffle prizes and entertainment again.  I had more preeclampsia survivors than I anticipated, which while I'm not excited they had to experience it, I'm happy they joined us.

Here are some photo highlights...

The above photos were taken by my buddy Seth.  I have more taken by another friend and will have to add some of those later as they are on the other computer.

ETA:  a couple more photos....

Someone fun to read

If you were not reading Christie over at Baby Tea Leaves before, be sure to check out her new blog Average Moms Wear Capes!  She's quite the read and she has a cool giveaway for those who like to run/jog/walk...check it out!