Tuesday, September 9, 2008


*I don't venture much into politics here as I'm pretty firm in my beliefs and I don't intend to change anyone's minds. I consider it your own damn business. I don't like you less if you vote differently than I do, and I hope the same from you.

But....I'm a bit confused. The jump in McCain's poll numbers yesterday are something I'm wondering about. The media is saying that the jump is coming from middle class working women. So, does this mean they weren't included in more polls before? Are they conservative or Republican women? Liberal or Democratic women?

I heard one report that some women supporting Obama have moved to McCain for the simple reason that he chose a woman as his VP. This confounds me. If you are a Democratic supporter and one would think, follow along with the general ideals of the "liberal" party. How can one switch just because Palin is female? Her beliefs do not hold to a more liberal view whatsoever. Just because she works and she's a mom? That's crap. Most women who live in this country are moms and work, it doesn't matter what political affiliation they are. They are all great women.

I guess I'm just confused on this one. And, no, I don't need anyone coming in to tell me how great she is or explain any candidates political ideology. I know who I am voting for and I can tell you that gender or race doesn't have an impact, whatsoever.

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{tiptoeing in to comment}
I think I understand this one. I personally have mixed feelings for all the candidates. Hearing that McCain chose a woman I thought was an extremely ballsy and strategic choice. It didn't change my mind about him, but did make me really want to listen and take interest in her. Partly because she's a woman, partly because either way the election turns at this point, we're witnessing history. A black guy or a woman will definitely be in office. I think it's great! I do think, in addition to her being a *strong* woman, which I think is a bigger part of the picture than her just being a woman, she has people talking.

I think elections are more than just the issues. It's voting for a person's character, it's (unfortunately) a popularity contest, and yes, some will vote for a person simply just because of their race or gender. It's bigger for some than just partisanship. While I do think a person's fundamental values may stay the same, and they may be one party or another, they may let the issue of race or gender take priority.

Sorry this got long, but does that make sense? It's all the sense I can make of it when I think of the mess of politics. ;o