Thursday, September 18, 2008

not so patient anymore

I am still waiting to hear something on the job interview I had last week. sigh. This is a much longer process than I anticipated or have experienced before. My references were called on Mon/Tues, so I was hoping to hear something, anything, by yesterday. They interviewed 30 candidates and apparently chose 9 to call references on, and are looking to fill up to 4 positions. I was feeling pretty good at the beginning of the week, but I admit that my spirits are dwindling as each day passes. I walk with trepidation to the mailbox with fear that my rejection letter in there, only to see junk mail, cable tv ads, and "vote for me" info. This patience thing is starting to wear on me.


Aunt Becky said...

Waiting sucks balls. I've always convinced myself that I'm not hired right before they call me to hire me.

Anonymous said...

It's perfectly OK after a few days to call and ask if there are any updates or decisions on the position. It'll show that you're really long as you don't call every hour asking frantically! :)

Give them a call. At the least, you'll know either they haven't decided, or maybe they'll tell you when they're announcing it. It may be a hard decision for them too, and is taking longer than they expected.

Robyn said...

I agree with the person above me! It's ok to call and ask the status of a job position! My hubby is currently waiting for a call as well. He gets all excited about it, then says they'll never call and I didn't get it. I try to keep his hopes up by reminding him that they said the wouldn't call until around the end of September and October.

I'm hoping you hear something soon and it's all good news!!