Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tony Baroney

Way, way, way back when I was in high school, I was a cheerleader. Yes, I said a cheerleader. (For those that are laughing out loud at this moment, you can take five more seconds and then knock it off) Early on in my high school cheer career, my friend Dawn and I were on the wrestling squad. And some of our wrestlers were going to state, so we got to go with. It was quite a nice highlight of that particular year in school.

Well, being the young ladies we were, we found ourselves some hot (well, we thought they were hot at the time) wrestlers that we flirted with and talked with quite bit. Tony was my guy. I cannot for the life of me, remember the other guys names. (Help me out Dawn.) In our teenage glory, we found them very cute and of course giggled and whispered about them. We gave the guys pet names, hence Tony Baroney.

Those couple of days at state were quite illuminating as well. Our squad captain (I'll call her Gigi) was two years older than us and more um, shall we say, seasoned in the guy department. She had this long dark hair, almost down to her ass, and she'd whip it around like a tornado. She was a small thing, pretty, and thought she was pretty cool. Gigi used a banana to illustrate how to perform some acts, which was just darn hilarious and still makes me laugh today. One of our members had never used tampons before, so she was informed on how to use those. We hung out in the pool, ate lots of junk food, and talks boys.

The "boys" we liked gave us a call one night and invited us over to their room. Gigi wasn't having it. She said she was worried about us getting raped and we were kinda pissed off at her. There she was telling us about the shit she did/does and she doesn't want us to go make out with boys. To this day, I think it was more about being jealous than being worried about us.

This is one of those high school memories for me that I will remember forever, and laugh about forever. To this day, if somethings wrong all Dawn needs to say to me is "Tony Baroney" and it brings an instant smile to my face.

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Anonymous said...

That's great! You have me laughing out loud at work! (Brandy was one of the other guys' names, but I can't remember that 3rd one).

"Gigi"...LMAO!!! She kinda should be named Gigi, shouldn't she???
Hee hee!!!

Great post to reminisce to!

Love ya!