Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We have a nest in a tree in our backyard. Of course, when momma robin chose the bush next to our patio, she wasn't thinking of the disruptions she'd be incurring in the weeks to come. Ariana is obsessed with the nest and you can hear momma chirping angrily from a nearby fence. I can just imagine what she's thinking, "get away from there you filthy mongrel who yells and dances too much."

The eggs hatched this last week, and now we've got four babies and one pissed off momma bird. I can only hope that all the worms that are fed to those babies are huge and they grow like weeds. The sooner they take flight, the sooner I can stop bitching at my child to "get away from the nest!"

On a visit to the grocery store last week, we had a conversation about the nest and the eggs inside. It went like this....

Ariana: "Mom, if I was a mommy bird, I'd never leave my nest. Even if I was scared."

Me: "Oh really. Even if some giant came yelling and jumping towards you?"

Ariana: "No, I would protect my babies. I would cheep real loud to scare the boy away."

I'm not sure how a "boy" became the giant. I was hoping she'd pick up that I meant her, but that obviously flew over her head.

Me: "So, even if a really big person came and made a loud noise, you'd stay with your baby eggs?"

Ariana: "YES, I said." Of course, this is in that exasperated voice only a daughter can have when mom has asked one too many questions.

Me: "Okay."

Ariana: "You know why I wouldn't leave them? Cuz they'd get dead! And I'd miss my baby eggs."

Me: "What would happen to make them dead?"

Ariana: "The big person might take the eggs out and throw the eggs and then they'd crack open!" Her eyes are huge.

Me: "Oh no!"

Ariana: "And then I'd be really, really, reaaallllyy sad."

Me: "I'd be sad too."

Ariana: "Yep, and then I'd have to have more babies."

Me: "Where do you get more babies from?"

Ariana: "From the store and they get in their tummies!" Said in that "duh, mom" voice.

I try so hard not to laugh, but a chuckle escapes. She doesn't think I'm funny and get's a little miffed. I apologize and ask more about the birds, and she decides to sing me a song in bird.

"Cheep, cheeeeeep, cchhhhheeepppppp....." It was very moving.

We arrive at the grocery store, and she proceeds to sing bird and flap her wings throughout the entire store. Thankfully, it was a short shopping trip. I did get a little nervous when her wings came dangerously close to the liquor section.

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Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! You're on a roll today! Thanks for the fun blog reads!!!