Monday, June 30, 2008

Sex Really Does Sell

Have you seen the Toyota Sienna commercial where the couple sexily (is that a word?) walk around the minivan? I laugh out loud each time I see it. I just know that sex is on the mind when couple are looking at minivans. Yeah. Right. For real. They are probably thinking their days of sex are completely over. I just find the "sexy van commercial" hilarious and needed to share it with you if you haven't witnessed it already.

I can't figure out if the van is supposed to represent a phallic symbol or what. I can just read this commercial as it's written out... She caresses the front of the van with a longing deep in her nether region. The keys slip out of the pocket like a giant member springing from unzipped jeans. The climactic release when the van doors open.

Watch and see what I mean. Of course, I could just have a dirty mind and be craving sex so that the commercial means more to me than some of you.


Stephanie said...

Didn't you know? There's nothing sexier than a minivan! :)

from nclm.

Aunt Becky said...

Mini-vans are the anthesis of sexy.