Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2008 Pre-e Walk

The walk was a HUGE success! Thank you soooo much to everyone who donated. This year's walk was ginormous compared to last year. In 2007, we raised $3000 and had a handful of walkers. This year, we had over 70 walkers and raised $9200. We are so close to 10K. We'd love to hit that, but it doesn't look like that will happen. Our goal was $6ooo this year and we definitely beat that.

The weather was absolutely beautiful. The couple who lost their son in Feb shared their experience. There were many tears at that point. We held a balloon release for those who we've lost due to preeclampsia. The raffle went well, especially the Disney basket I sponsored along with my girlfriend's Tastefully Simple basket. Many of our Madison members see the same doctor, who came out to walk with us and asked to speak himself afterwards. We're ecstatic with how well things went.


Photobucket My bestest friend in the world who came to walk with us.



Photobucket My mother in law and Phoenix

Photobucket Yours truly

Photobucket Raffle items


Photobucket Preemie dolls. The smaller one is about a 1lb'er and the second one is a 4lb'er.

Photobucket My sister in law

My PE sista's


Christie O. said...

That is AWESOME!! How wonderful!! Thank you so much for walking and raising money for this, I so wish we had a walk for this here. Thank you so much!

Kim said...

I'm so glad that your walk went so well! That is terrific that you surpassed your goal by so much! I hope it only continues to get a bigger & stronger following as the years go on. You're doing it for a wonderful cause.
You look great in your pic too!
Just wanted to say hi & congrats and also let you know that I am on Blogger now too. I am typing about my Bible study stuff as well as random thoughts and I plan to put up art projects and things I do with James as well.
Your Friend,

QBug said...

Its great to hear the walk went well Denise. You are so awesome for doing that!

Aunt Becky said...

I'm gonna have to come up next year and participate.

I didn't realize it was so close :)