Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our story on the news

We were interviewed this past weekend by our local news station in response to our story and the walk coming up this weekend. It aired at the 6p & 10p news, with us being the top story at 6pm. It's always interesting to see how the 30-45 minutes you spend with the reporter comes out on the news piece. Overall, it went very well. You can check it out here


Aunt Becky said...

Good for you for getting your story out!

Christie O. said...

yay!! you did great!!! too bad they didn't mention prematurity and what happens to the baby when we get preeclampsia, but hey, how much info can you get in there in a minute and 30 seconds (i know this first hand!) But getting the story out there and getting people aware of preeclampsia is still a great thing. thanks so much for doing this and for walking for us. i wish we had a preeclampsia walk here. you're so right about no one else understanding -- i thought when i was watching your story that i was lucky to have found people who do understand (like you!) through the bloggy world. xo