Thursday, May 22, 2008

You are growing...

My dearest son,

Today you turn another year older. You are defintely a spirited child like your big sister. Everything must be done in a big way. You are coming into those "terrible two's" that everyone talks about, and are in no way near the "terrible three's" (which should be oh, so fun). The tantrums are becoming more frequent and you love to let us know if you are not happy. "No" is a word we hear often. And it's said with that snarky lil' attitude only a toddler can carry off.

You are a daredevil. Fear of adventure does not exist for you. From leaping off the couch to going down the slide on your belly, headfirst. You seem to crave walking the line. When I joke that you will climb Mt. Everest someday, I do truly mean it.

You are so full of love. You give the best hugs, wrapping your arms tight around us. You even pat our backs in comfort at times. It's not time to go to bed unless you give each of us a hug and kiss. You yell for "ug" and smack you lips. It's just adorable. At least until it's the 5th or 6th time you want an "ug" and kiss. When your sister is hurt or just plain mad and crying, you try to comfort her. You find her blankie or come lay down next to her with your head near hers. It's the sweetest thing.

You are so friendly, you say hi to almost everyone. Of course, you will play the shy game and hide once in a while. But as soon as we get 10 feet from the cashier at the store or whomever, you are waving, smiling and saying "bye bye". You love to bring people things. When we have family or friends over, you bring them toys one by one to share.

The zest for laughter shines so brightly in you. I think laughter is second to breathing for you. And that laughter is so contagious. I rue the day when I start getting calls from your teacher to say you are the class clown. You have this delicious snort when you laugh, I could just eat it up. And you've learned that we think that is funny so you continually snort. Which makes us laugh even harder.

I wish a long life for you, my son. One filled with much laughter, much love, and much peace. I hope you always know you are loved and treasured.


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