Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It never stops, does it?

Ariana is our spirited child. She is the child we've experienced lots of ups and downs with. From her NG-tube feedings in the NICU, to the murmur detected and found to be innocent, to the benign shuddering attacks, the the block tear ducts that required two surgeries, to seeing a therapist to help her with her anger....there always seems to be something.

She had her five year check up this week and overall is looking wonderful. She's growing like a week and no longer falls in the small end of the charts for everything for the first time. However, she has been exhibiting some odd symptoms that when all put together could signal something may be wrong. She complains she's tired. A lot. I know she's got high energy, but there are days where she literally lays on the couch and whines that she's tired every 15 minutes. She drinks beverages like she is dying of thirst. Sucks down a juice in seconds and wants more. Now! A few weeks ago, she had a case of the itchies and we were putting lotion on her a couple times a day. Little by little, I started to get a bit concerned and planned on discussing it with the pediatrician. She thought it was odd too, so we ran some labwork after her appointment. Poor child got stuck for vaccines, which she was devastated by, and then had to have a blood draw. She was through the ringer Monday morning. The doctor called me late that afternoon to say that the tests came back normal. Except for her glucose, which was mildly high. So we are running a fasting lab tomorrow morning to see what that brings.

I'm not freaking out, and haven't even looked too closely at what the "could be's" are at this point. One thing all of the things we've been through with her has taught me is to not worry until the doc tells me to worry. But good thoughts are appreciated. Ariana knows she's going back to the lab for another blood draw and is being pretty darn brave and okay with it. I have a feeling my bigger issue tomorrow morning will be keeping her liquid & food free until 8:55am.

Update: I got a call from the nurse that said, "Things look good, if she has worsening symptoms give us a call." Um, okay. We see the pedi again soon, so I figure I'll get the actual lab values then rather then deal with the nurse. If the pedi didn't call me herself, things are okay.


Lori said...

Sending good thoughts that the fasting blood sugar test goes well. I am debating on having the boys tested at their check ups in September. Diabetes runs strong in our family. Dh's brother (that just passed away) and sister are both diabetic..then on my mom's side her brother (that passed away from complications from diabetes), sister, father, and paternal grandmother (that died from diabetes complications) all have I thought about just having them tested. Dalton does drink a fairly good bit...but then again it could just be normal and I know I am partly paranoid too. Anyway...good luck...hope it all turns out good. (((hugs)))

Aunt Becky said...


Fasting is the pits. Good luck to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, sweetie! Let me know how it all goes.

Amy said...

Thinking of you and Ariana. *hugs*

Jen said...

Ut oh, I hope diabetes is not in her future. Positive thoughts and vibes for her to have a normal result. Hang in there D.


Christie O. said...

i hope everything goes well! sending good thoughts and vibes to you and the little one! xo