Thursday, December 20, 2007

Really? Seriously?

So, my youngest child has taken a delightful fancy to removing his clothing. He apparently likes to be in the buff. You should see that lil hiney take off when you are getting him ready for a bath, it's just too darn cute.

I laid him down for a nap the other day and much to my dismay, he cried for a while, then played in the crib, and then....ah, silence. I enjoy my tranquility for a while until I hear him awaken. Usually he plays a bit or talks to himself, so I was in no rush to go into the room. Big mistake. Huge mistake. Awful mistake.

He crapped his diaper. Before he must have fallen asleep. He removed the diaper. And there was crap EVERYWHERE! The smell was atrocious, like almost gag-worthy. Ugh.

He's waving at me and all I see are brown fingers and hands. Brown spots on his arms and chest. It's on his legs, butt, and feet. How the hell am I going to clean this up? I find a clean spot under his arms and lift him up, deposit him in the bathroom on a rug that I figure if worse comes to worse, I can toss it. I attempt to remove most of the crap by using wipes to collect if off his body before I throw him into the tub. Nothing could be worse than this, other than having a poopy tub to clean up too. ;) Some of the poop is dried and stuck on, you know the kind I'm talking about.

He is delighted and attempts to escape into the living room. Um, I don't think so kid. I soap him up good and wipe him down. Empty the water right away and refill it to help rinse him off. He's looking at me like I've lost it, what are you doing mom?

I ended up just removing the crib sheet & pad and folding all the blankets & clothes up inside. I shook them out right outside the door, just in case, before taking them down to start them in the washer. I've had to deal with this before with him, but never this bad. The front rails and the one side railing was covered. I wiped them down twice, once with a wipe to clean them off and then with a bleach wipe to clean it. Yuck.

I consider that my good mommy deed for the month.


Anonymous said...

That had me laughing OUT LOUD!!!

It brought me back to when Colton was around 2 or so, and he did the same thing, but when I walked to his room after hearing he'd awakened from his nap, I smelled the incident before seeing it (the door was closed)!
I opened the door and discovered something similar to what you described! LMAO now, but then it wasn't too funny. Eric was gagging it was so bad, so I was left to clean it up myself while he bathed the kid clean.

Wooo, that was a good read!!!

Aunt Becky said...

Ben was a nudist until I convinced him (at about age 3) that we did indeed live in a Pants-On Zone.

When he was 3, during the middle of a nap, he crapped himself. And then played with it. All over the place.

I feel your pain, sister. That's all there is to say about that.

Casey's trio said...

God bless you! Poop accidents like are one of the grossest things a mommy has to deal with:( Sounds like you survived though and did a thorough cleaning!