Tuesday, December 11, 2007


A friend of mine had her first child last month. She's a wonderful person who always puts others first. She was very nervous to have this little being dependent on her. That her baby would grow up to be a bad person. She had a rough delivery, but when I saw her a day later she seemed to be in good spirits.

I have thought about her often over the last two weeks and have been meaning to call her to see how things are going. I find out tonight that others are worried about her and that she may be sufferering from postpartum depression.

I'm now worried about her. I called to leave a message tonight, I'm just hoping she calls me back. This is not something that I've experienced myself, so I'm not sure how to best help her.


Aunt Becky said...

You're a good friend for reaching out to her. 99.9% of my friends do not have kids, so they would never think to help someone out like this. Good for you.

kate hopper said...

If you could go see her, bring food, just sit with her, or give her a break, it would mean so much, I think. The most important thing is for her to feel supported--and to have time away from the baby so she can take care of herself. If she is really in bad shape, make sure soemone takes her in to see her doctor. She might need medication. She's so lucky to have friends like you!!!