Monday, December 10, 2007

Dear Phoenix (18 months)

My dearest son,

You are so stinkin' silly. You bring a smile to my face daily and the joy that eminates from you is undeniable. You don't talk too much right now, but more and more words are on their way. "Hot" is the latest accomplishment, although it sounds more like "Ha". You are loving the Christmas tree and driving us crazy as you crawl underneath and turn the lights on and off.

You have an affinity for the Wiggles, and when you dance you twirl in circles. Climbing is life's greatest adventure for you at this time. You move almost anything you can so you can reach things.

You are so adorable when you lay your head next to your big sister when she's tired or not feeling well. And those smooches you give are wonderful. You love to wave goodbye from the window when daddy leaves for work. You are bashful when meeting a new person, but warm up quickly. You are a jabber-jaws.

You are in love with your nukie. Mommy wants to limit it's use, but I don't think it's going to go over very well. Popcorn is a recent addition, and you get mad when mommy lets you have only one piece at a time. You love to clap and make that wonderful boyish "urgh" sound. You think jumping on our bellies is incredibly funny.

You can throw one heck of a tantrum when you are mad. You have recently learned that throwing things gets you attention. You like to hang out with your sister while she's in a timeout, much to our non-amusement. You love to be naked, and it's no surprise when I find you in your crib sans clothing.

You are a light of hope and love for me. I cannot imagine my life without you.
I love you



Jen said...

My mom wrote a letter like this for me when I was 5. I cherish the hell out of it because it showed me how much she truly loved me at that point. It is a beautiful tribute Denise.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully written. (((hugs)))