Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Heart Disease Risk & Preeclampsia

US News shares information on the link between cardiovascular troubles and preeclampsia. I know some data on this has been out previously.

So, basically I know that I will most likely die of heart disease between my family history and my preeclampsia history. Wonderful.

Seriously though, it's wonderful to see studies coming out that discuss the possible long term affects preeclampsia has on a woman's body.

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Jen said...

I agree. It is good to see this kind of information out there. There is a downside though. Insurance companies can use that information now to discriminate against women who've had preeclampsia. When I got life insurance after Grace was born, I remember reporting that I had had severe PE. At that time, the insurance company said it didn't matter cause there was no research saying I was at increased risk. Well, I'm sure that life insurance companies have taken notice, and now, you'll see that survivors of preeclampsia will have to pay higher premiums and be considered high risk policies. Kinda sucks in that way, but it is still worth it for survivors to understand that they need to do whatever they can to protect their cardiovascular systems.