Friday, November 9, 2007

Pen In Hand

Ariana has discovered the joys of looking through the gazillion toy catalogs we've been receiving over the weeks. "Can I have a pen please" is typically the first thing out of her mouth when she eyes up the pages. She circles the things she wants, and if it's really high on her list, she'll ask me to come look at it.

I remember doing the same thing when I was a little girl, dreaming of all the cool toys I wished for.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha, Ha! I laughed all the way through this post - too funny! I have a 5-year-old doing the exact same thing at my place! I just put up a photo post of her this morning with her Target Catalog and her Sharpie marker : )

I kind of whined about it a bit, but really... it's pretty cute! It's all that poking and the "MOMMMM!! Look at dis!!!" that kind of wears on you after a while : P