Saturday, November 17, 2007


I have come to the conclusion that I am one of those people who must always have 10 million things going on. I'm sure my husband won't be surprised at my revelation. He'll most likely laugh at me.

I'm a stay at home mom. Which means that I do daycare, I cook, I clean, I chauffer, I keep track of everyone else's belongings, etc. Of course, Jason helps out but the brunt is mine. My kids are very active. No really, VERY active. I don't have quiet kids who sit and entertain themselves. I've got runners, jumpers, climbers, etc. In other words, they are a handful.

So, I'm back working part time for Nov & Dec. I am helping out at my most recent place of employment (women's shelter). They've got one who just had a baby this week, and another who did in Sept and has resigned. So they are shortstaffed and in need of assistance covering some evening shifts. I was looking for some part time work, so why not. I work there Monday and Tuesday evenings, 8 hours a week.

Then I applied at Old Navy and got hired on the spot during my interview. So, I'm working two nights a week and both weekend days, 15-20 hours a week. I go in for my third day tomorrow. It's fun, and the benefits are nice. This is my first experience working retail during a holiday, so I'm sure it's going to get nuts asap.

I also have the Disney travel job which isn't a great deal of time daily unless I have a trip to work on for a client. It's more of a do lots of work over a day or two, then it's quiet until the next client or that client goes on their vacation. So, while it's not major work I still count it as work.

Then I have my volunteer things. I volunteer with an online Disney community as a message board guide. I also stay involved with the Preeclampsia Foundation. My online duties have scaled back over the last year or two considerably. I stay pretty active with working with the state members, gearing up for the Walk-a-thon in 2008, and other various projects. I am currently working on a newsletter article about one of our WI gatherings.

I'm not writing this all for people to feel sorry for me or to pat me on the back. It's something that I realized about myself. While I like to stay busy, I have a tendancy to take more than I can handle sometimes. And then I stress out. I know that I cause my own stress sometimes. Hell, alot of times. And of course when I'm really stressed, I'm not a fun mommy, wife, whatever. Letting go of the little things is something I've worked on for years. I can do it with certain things, but others just drive me up a wall and I can't let go. I'm going to work harder on that.

December is going to be a lovely month. ;)

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Anonymous said...

LOL!!! You JUST realized this???

Love ya!