Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jaw Dropping

Let me start by saying I have never watched The Bachelor before, honestly. I find the premise of this show to be ridiculus. However, after seeing the preview of an episode the other week where a woman was not given a rose and she's hyperventilating and freaking out...I had to tune in. At first, I felt horribly guilty at finding this woman's misery amusing. Then I thought about how she (and all these others) signed up for this show, knowing that they would be competing with 30 other women for one man. Who gets to enjoy the fruits of all those women.

And a guilty vice was born, I had to watch the rest of the season (like 4 episodes).

The situation with this particular woman was so weird. He kept telling her that he really liked her as a friend, and she didn't pick up on that clue. Over and over. She'd reply that the best lovers start out as friends, blah, blah, blah. He didn't give her a rose that episode and she leaves sobbing and she can't breathe. He has to come out to console her. I found it ludicrous.

Hello, the "Bachelor" hasn't stayed with the woman he picked in all the seasons. The only couple that is together is Trista and Ryan from the Bachelorette. (By the way, Trista just gave birth to their son a few months ago and suffered from HELLP Syndrome). What is it that makes these women believe they will be the one that stays together. I know, I know. The hope of finding your true love, and so on. But, finding it on TV? Yes, it can happen. But really, how good are the odds?

I also didn't really care for this Bachelor too much, but his decision redeemed him. He came off as this loveable, funny, kind guy, but I found him kinda dumb. That was at first glance. I find it refreshing that he didn't choose anyone since he isn't "in love" with someone. And didn't do the whole, "let's take the time to get to know one another better, but still take the ring" route.

There is talk already that he does propose on the aftershow. That there is some big shocker. We'll just have to watch and see.

I so cannot watch next season.

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