Thursday, August 30, 2007

Help Your Charity

I know I've sent this around via email, but wanted to share here as well. If you haven't heard yet, you can use a search engine to raise money for your favorite cause!

Visit Goodsearch and see if your charity is listed. Each time you search, a penny is donated. After a while, those pennies add up. It's an easy way for people to help out without actually costing them anything.

I, of course, have my charity set to the Preeclampsia Foundation. In case, you need a charity to donate to. ;)


kate hopper said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and for the good wishes on my pregnancy. I do know the preeclampsia foundation and love them, too. I also interviewed one of their associated docs about the long-term effects of PE on women's health. I haven't found a home for the article yet, but hope to...anyway, thanks for the PE links on your site!

This isn't going to plan! said...

Thanks for also visting my blog - I live in Australia and support the pre-eclampsia organisation here. I also volunteer and do charity work for Lifes Little Treasures - whihc is an organisation that helps premature babies and their families
All the best to you and your family