Friday, August 24, 2007

This Man

I love this man.
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(I know this photo is older, but it's one of my favorite photos of Jason)

This man can make me laugh when the tears are falling from my eyes. Who comforts me when I am sad. His crazy songs that he makes up to fit whatever is happening that moment are priceless. He is so caring and gentle. He can be stubborn and hardheaded, but I love that about him even if it frustrates me at times. From the first weeks that I knew him, I knew this man would be a wonderful father. He has always had a way with children and they flock to him. He is the dad that I've always dreamed of for my children. He allows his daughter to paint his fingernails (of course he removes it right away ;) ) and helps her find those lovely bugs or spiders. He hunkers on the floor and wrestles with his kids. He is the guy who has always said he never wanted to grow up. He cherishes the quiet moments at home. He works hard to provide for his family. He's protective. He has a kind heart. He loves me simply for being me. The guy who loves his 80's hair bands and makes beautiful zipper music. He cares tremendously for his family (parents, siblings). He is strong in his convictions. The man who keeps a list of my favorite flowers written on the back of my favorite flower shop in his wallet.

All the quirks that drive me crazy are the things that I would miss terribly if they were gone. Some think he is a stubborn, short-tempered, grumpy man. If you only knew. I wish you could know him better than you do. I get upset when I know someone is judging him on something that I know is false or skewed. He reacts to certain issues like a hot button, and if that is all you see him as or have no idea what this man is like.

This man drives me crazy. We are different in many ways, and that can make for an interesting life at times. But I love him dearly. And all the things that make him Jason, are all the things I love.

Thank you for being you sweetheart. For all your idiosyncrasies and what some may call flaws, you are the man for me. And I love you dearly.


Anonymous said...

I love that man too! er...just not in THAT mean...he's a great guy, FRIEND. Not boyfriend...but a guy who's a great

Heck, I love you both. Denise...not in that know, maybe if I had too much to drink one night...oops, er....I don't love-LOVE you, but I love

D :)

~Denise~ said...

Right back at ya babe!

~Denise~ said...

Jason wants to know what kind of alcohol would you like? ;)

Anonymous said...

Funny he asks, right now, my favorite is "X-Rated Pink Fusion".
It's a tropical mix of really good shit!