Sunday, August 12, 2007

Amazing Woman

Someone shared this blog with me today, and I sat in tears as I read through it. This woman lost one of her daughters last month, and has "sparklies" everyday in honor of her daughter. Check her out here: Life With Hannah and Lily

A while ago I had came across a blog where the author shared their "3 Beautiful Things" each day. I had started another blog where I did something of the same, but to be honest I kinda fizzled out. I would go days without posting, and thus gave it up.

In the spirit of Hannah, I am reviving it again. Only this time, I'll just post it in my blog here and it will be whenever I have "AWEsome Things" come to me or I want to mention. THings that I find AWE-inspiring or AWEsome, I'll share.


Rach said...

What a fantastic idea! I LOVE it! :o)

May your days be all AWE-inspiring and AWE-some! :o)

~Denise~ said...

Thank you.

adymommy said...

I too am a Life with Hannah and Lily reader.
I am having a post day on Saturday "in honor" of Rachd and the negative comments that she has gotten recently. If you think you might be interested come check it out!