Monday, April 24, 2006

33 weeks

I made it another week, yay! I saw the OB on Monday and things are looking okay. My BP is hanging around 130's/80's this week, but I'm still showing anywhere from neg to +1 protein on any given day. My OB went over my labs with me and he was quite surprised that things were as normal as they were. The 24hr urine came back 118, so that was awesome. My blood work is all still within normal levels.

Phoenix has dropped into my pelvis and I'm feeling a lot of pressure. The Braxton Hicks contractions have kicked up quite a bit as well. The OB said that my body may be getting ready for early delivery, and that he wouldn't be surprised if I went preterm labor before any preeclampsia diagnosis possibly. His goal was 34 weeks, so he's happy to have made it this far. Depending on how things look next week, we may be looking at another 1-3 weeks yet.

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