Monday, April 17, 2006

32 weeks

Things may be starting to go downhill. I had some worries last weekend with my bp labile and swelling of the hands & face. Never more than a trace on the dip. I ran in for a quick check with the nurse last week and of course the bp was good.

I turned 32 weeks today and had an OB appt. He walked and instantly commented on how I look. He said I'm looking "markedly" different with the swelling in my face and hands. I don't consider what I have to be moderate swelling yet, but maybe that's because I look at myself everyday. My bp was 134/78 and I'm showing protein again. I also gained 5 pounds in April, which is incredibly high for me this pg. He doesn't want to worry me, but he says we may be looking at the start of things to come. I was looking at Ariana's scrapbook over the weekend and saw my photos from my shower for her (3 yrs ago last week) and the swelling of my face shocked me. I really was starting to swell. 33/34 weeks started to be my sick time with her, so we are anticipating some possible action over the next two weeks.

I had blood work done today, and everything is still within normal levels thankfully. I start a 24hr urine tomorrow and will have the results Wed afternoon. He wants to administer steroids if things aren't looking so good. I see him weekly, and if need be twice a week. He also said that if we need to run labs every 2-3 days, we will. If the bp continues to creep up, he wants bedrest with a home nurse coming in to check my bp & urine. Will do in hospital bedrest if need be. He said that he's hoping I can hold out until 34 weeks.

I knew that I'd be having this baby in about 4 weeks, but today was a huge wake-up call. Two weeks just about did me in anxiety-wise. I know things could still go well and I could deliver in 6 weeks, but at this point I'm ready for anything. We started packing a bag for Ariana to stay with a grandparent in case something happens and I have to deliver. I've had my bag packed for weeks. So, any good thoughts you have, I'd greatly appreciate. I was hoping to make it to May 15 (36 weeks), but now am looking to get past Ariana's birthday on May 3. I'm trying to remain optimistic, but that is getting more difficult.

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