Wednesday, November 2, 2011

difficult week

it has been an interesting and difficult week so i have been sucking, to say the least, on posting for my little happiness project.  the point was to think positively on a shitty day, but that has been difficult the last few days.  i have been feeling way out of sorts and quite irritable.  work sucks major ding dong.  the kids have been just awesome...not.  so here i am back on the bubble for happiness.

sunday/monday - shitty mood, but fun trick-or-treating with the kids

tuesday - took a day off for mental health, spent the majority of the daytime hours lounging and watching tv.  pretty darn awesome.  until the husband came home.  that was not so awesome of an evening.

today - celebrating a new disney client!  they are visiting the world in just over two weeks, nothing like a last minute trip to make one's children happy.  ;)  also got some news on a friend, he's having surgery next week to fix up his sinuses, or lack thereof i guess....but the really happy part is they don't have to remove his face to do the surgery.  that is a totally a great thing!

life update as well...

P has continued to have weekly therapy sessions and we have all been impressed in the progress he's made.  We've tried some techniques for sensory processing disorder, which we essentially are going to treat him as if he has.  We worked with a weighted vest last week, which was quite the challenge, but we think having a weighted blanket will help him more.  Project for the winter for me - making a weighted blanket since they cost usually over $100.  We saw an ENT today to check out P's structure since he snores and moves so much during sleep.  Tonsils are a good size and after a nifty x-ray, found out his adenoid is large as a T&A is scheduled for December.  (Seriously, how cool is it to say T&A for my son.  Lame, I know but it made me chuckle)  His pedi neuro appt is in two weeks, we'll are planning to still go for the consult and see what they say.

A has been well.  Homework is usually no issue, but her mood seems to be more touchy lately.  I'm hoping it is not the beginning of hormones or something like that.  That is waaaaaaayyyy too early for me.  She goes back to see the doc in a few weeks for a med check and we'll discuss weaning her off the meds in Jan, which makes me nervous as hell to think about. 

Things between J and I have not been totally awesome of late.  Life is a challenge these past 6 months and some days have been better than others.  Moments of so many emotions have occurred and while the bad situations have sucked, it has enriched our relationship for the long term.  So I imagine.  Right now.  Oh well.  Partnership is a journey, right?

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Anonymous said...

how about TOTALLY AWESOME that i don't have to get my face pealed off.