Saturday, December 13, 2008

Over The Shoulder Boulder Holders

I was looking at new bras the other day and man, oh, man....does bra shopping suck. It's torture, plain and simple. New bras at the store are scratchy and honestly a litle disgusting when you think about someone trying it on before you. One hopes the person didn't have boobie cooties. Different brands are different sizes, some have thinner straps and then dig into your skin more, etc. What an ordeal. The best feeling is to slip back into your old, ratty, used-to-be-white bra, even if it's all streched out. It's like that old pair of shoes you can't get rid of because they are just so damn comfortable. I usually keep a bra until the underwire breaks. Even if it's grey and dingy now. I guess "sweets & treats" will just have to wait another day for a new holder.


The Queen said...

LOL!!! I hate bra shopping and I wear mine sometimes even after the underwire breaks. In fact I still wear 2 of my nursing bras and I stopped breastfeeding over 2 1/2 years ago, because they are so darn comfortable and supportive (or at least they use to be, now not so much support is left). I've contemplated buying new nursing bras but just think that would be too weird (although writing this where anyone can read it, I've probably already lost any non-wierdness).

Aunt Becky said...

Bra shopping makes me itchy and stabby and angry.

*shudder, shudder*

Not looking forward to being out of the nursing bras. That is, until I get a boob job.

Anonymous said...

It is torture. And even if you find one that fits in the store, it magically morphs on the way home into something unwearable. They're evil devices. :)