Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let It Snow

I fall in the camp of having to fully wipe off my vehicle before I leave my parking spot. It drives me nuts to have snow or ice on the front window yet. But I know that many, many drivers fall into the "turn on my wipers and go" or "scrap a 6x6" hole in the frost and go" camp. I shake my head each time when I see it. How is that safe? Anywho, Jason mentioned last night that he saw a driver who did not wipe off their back window. Fine. What made him comment about it was that the person had a wiper on the back of their window. Now, that's about the laziest driver there is. Unable to hit the button to turn on the Of course, maybe their wiper is broken perhaps. Or maybe not. In my little world, I think they're just being a lazy ass.

Which camp to do fall in?

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Robyn said...

I used to fall in the camp of "Lake Effect Snows" and drifts 3 feet high and not wanting to move from bed. LOL! But I would clean off my car from front to back when I went somewhere.

Being in the south now, I now fall in the camp of it's in the 50's during the winter! LOL!