Sunday, February 10, 2008

On The Potty We Will Go

The potty saga continues.

Phoenix is obsessed with going on the potty. Of course, it's exciting and great. But it's also a pain in my ass. He did tinkle 6 times on Friday! Can he get a "woohoo"!?! Yeah, bravo kid. The only thing is that those 6 tinkles were occured during the 40 times he was on the pot in two hours. And when I say 40 times, I'm not kidding.

Everytime I'd get him off, pullup back on, dressed....within two minutes he'd be butt naked and pounding on the bathroom door. I couldn't get dinner started, I couldn't even get a DVD in for Ariana. It was a two hour toilet marathon.

Yes, I want to encourage him to use the potty and we clap and say hurray when he goes, but come on lil' dude. Give your mom a break will ya.

I was kind of hoping he'd do the same for Jason yesterday as I was gone all day. Well, dad made a comment about how I "let" Phoenix do that and promptly dressed him in bibs. So, do you think we'll have a potty battle brewing soon?

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Anonymous said...

I used to let C walk around the house naked. Others looked at me weird for doing so, but they can kiss my ass, because it really helped him, me, and I personally feel he got trained easier that way. Throw a tshirt on him and no bottoms and let him go free.

Never may relieve some of the "ups & downs"...(get it?) ;)