Friday, February 29, 2008

D'oh moment

So, I hopped in the shower this morning and when I was towels. Crapola and a head smack. I left them in the bedroom where I had lain them earlier. I had to use a wet towel to at least get myself dry enough to run into the bedroom. (ain't that a pretty sight?)

What are some of you d'oh moments you've had recently?


Heather said...

I had just unloaded an especially large buggy full of stuff at Target when the lady read the total. After digging around in my bag for hours, I realized I had left my wallet in the car. She had to suspend the transaction and babysit my abandoned loot while I marathoned out to the parking lot. A mite bit humiliating.

Chrissi said...

I had a similar issue after the shower, except I realized every single bra I owned was either in the washer or at the bottom of the laundry hamper - and they have to hang to dry because of the underwire and my recent dryer fire incident. :p Crap. >:(

I threw one in a zippered pillow case and tossed it in the dryer, but there is nothing grosser than walking around the house for an hour waiting for the dryer to finsh with your boobs flopping all over the place and getting sweaty. Ugh. Not one of my better moments. >:( My thyroid condition makes me sweat like mad - especially in that no-man's-land under my boobs. :p I had to take another shower before I got dressed. Nothing like wasting a whole morning and living in fear that someone will come to the door while you're shlepping around commando. :/