Monday, September 16, 2013

moving forward one step at a time

i have been struggling lately.  struggling to find the good in each day, to find the best me each day.  i find myself being more negative as a result and it's killing me.  i hate the crap that comes out of my mouth when i am being negative.  as soon as it leaves my lips, i want to kick myself.  but it is one step at a time and i am aware that self-care has not been a priority for me, which seems to result with me being a less than what i to be as a human being. 

i know that i need to get back to things that nurture my soul because without those things, i am lost in a quagmire.  so in a positive self-exercise i started a short list of things that make me happy or feel good inside.  here are the first two and i am working to add more.

  • being outside with my camera
  • jammin' to good tunes and singing my heart out

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