Friday, October 28, 2011

a weeks worth

it has been almost a week since i posted for my project.  part of me says it is a fail, but i know that i need to honor the craziness that is my life and allow myself to say it is okay if i cannot get to it that night.  i do want to be posting more often however.

so here is a week's worth of happiness:

10/24 - day 6:  it is monday, today i am simply thankful and happy that i am breathing

10/25 - day 7:  hearing a slice of happiness that a friend is experience.  not much better than being happy for someone else.

10/26 - day 8:  a slow report day at work.  makes the day tolerable.

10/27 - day 9:  new opportunity.  nothing wrong with checking things out with a new opportunity.

10/28 - day 10:  lunch with an awesome friend whom i have missed terribly.  it was full of awesomeness.

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