Saturday, February 14, 2009


We had planned on hosting the awareness walk we are planning a local park. Jason went to book the shelter and it turns out that there is no exchange of money allowed in city & county parks. After much discussion with the parks department administrator, we've canceled the reservation. And now I'm looking for a new location. I have one in mind but it will cost $200 to rent it for 4 hours. The couple hundred bucks is pretty much what's available for a decent location. Honestly I feel like if I have to have it at a school or such location, I'd rather stick with just participating in the Madison walk. The hunt is on for a sponsor of that $200 and I need to find one this week as I have to get things together for this asap. I'm behind my schedule and it's pushing everything else back. sigh. I wish this would all just fall together easily and quickly. However, I do have a sponsor for my insurance piece, thanks to my girlfriend's hubby. Dawn & Eric, you rock! I need raffle items and a T-shirt sponsor yet. The To-Do list will hopefully have some things checked off soon.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! What kind of items are you thinking of raffling?

~Denise~ said...

I've got a crocheted baby blanket so far. At this point, it's whatever I can come up with. I've got a girlfriend who sells Tastefully Simple and she usually does a basket for us. I was thinking of some beauty products, some jewelry maybe, or perhaps a kid's fun basket. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Those sound like great prizes. I'm sure things will start falling into place soon!