Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh No You Didn't...

I was about ready to throw down minutes ago. My roomie is watching Jon & Kate plus 8 and Kate is talking about how she is a nurse...when my roomie shouts "Oh no you're f'ing not!" Yes, shouts it. I'm like, what? She then says, "You are a fucking stay at home mom, not a nurse." The look of incredulation(is that a word?) on my face must have been strong as the roomie states, "well, she's been at home for how many years. Doesn't she have to keep up with classes and stuff?" Roomie is also bitching about how Kate is "such a brat sometimes." Take a look in the mirror, sweetheart. You might learn something.

I chose to laugh with a hint of "shut your hole" and ignore it. But hell, the urge to strongly discuss this topic with her and give her 22 year old ass a little education is there.

So, my lovely stay at home moms.....what do you think of that? I can say that while I occasionally said "I'm just a SAHM" and felt like all I did was wipe snot and ass, I still valued my education and experiences. What's your take?


Heather said...

You have an iron-clad will. I'm afraid to think what might have actually left my mouth. I don't think (I hope!) I was ever that stupid. I am glad I had the experience of school and work, but staying home is absolutely as taxing - if not more - on most days.

Anonymous said...

I would have had to sit on my hands to keep from slapping her. Yes, Roomie (you little twinkie), as soon as we have kids, we lose our education/career knowledge and become just a mom. Everything we did before kids slides right out with the placenta. How many more weeks do you have to endure that twit, Denise?

Anonymous said...

I'd have then blown it off on her ignorance and lack of life experience, but not before saying something...even if just a "I was a SAHM, does that mean I was nothing else?".

I've heard people say crappy comments about SAHM's, and as soon as I say "I used to stay at home with my kids" they shut the hell up, and usually turn red from embarassment. They can't even look at me, and all the while I've got the biggest shit grin on the inside...and a smirk on the outside! ;)

I'm just not one who can let stupid people say things and let it slide...otherwise, they'd never know how much of an ass they really are, right? ;)

Aunt Becky said...

I go back and forth on this one. I'm a nurse as well, and when I tell people this, they assume I'm still working outside the home. Which I am not.

I dunno what the right answer is. I'm both and yet I don't define myself by either.