Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh Crap

The smallest halfing has been running around this week saying, "Oh, crap." At appropriate times too. And while I'm proud he knows how to use it at the correct time, it does make me cringe as I just know that will be one of the first things he says at daycare next week.

I don't say "crap" and neither does Jason. Hmmm, where did he get it from then? Drum roll please...................grandma! Yes, my mother has apparently said "oh crap" rather than "oh shit." And my child, of course, picked that up.

Crap is better than a lot of other words, but none of them could reflect well on our parenting skills. But there's a part of me that says screw it, who cares. He could say mean things like "I hate you" or "you suck". Not sure where he'd pick those up though, so of course he doesn't know those phrases.

I know my child is not the only one who shares these lovely words, so what does your little one say?


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I've heard the boys copy their daddy with a few choice phrases. Our rule, is you have to be 18 to say certain words. That even though they may not be good words, and daddy shouldn't use them, he's frustrated and they sometimes "slip" out. The kids understand this rule and call us out on it. "Daddy, you can't say Son of a Bitch, it's a bad word".

We laugh and say "I'm sorry, it was bad, but I'm over 18".

It works! ;)

Heather said...

We had an eighteen-month old "Heck, no" sayer a few years back. It was riotous, because everything earned a "Heck no!" ... Want to give grandma a kiss goodbye? "HECK no!"

Same child now scolds me for saying "I don't care," little does he know how benign this statement is compared to the other atrocities that I let "slip out."

Alice said...

What a great one! I'm still laughing!!!

Thanks for sharing ... and shame on you grandma!!! (though I agree, it's WAY better than what *could* be said!)

Robyn said...

My eldest was watching Fox and the Hound 2 and picked up "Blow it out your ear". It's funny..but then again, it's not..LOL..

Anonymous said...

So...what did your mom say when she found out P is repeating her?

~Denise~ said...

That's how I found out he learned it from her. I mentioned that he'd been saying it, and she was like, "oops, my fault"