Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm a geek

I'm totally excited for McD's Monopoly game to start tomorrow. This is the one thing I get hyped over at McD's. I have no clue why. I just like to play it. Which means I have to eat it. sigh. That's not a good equation is it? *wink* I'll try and control myself.

There's that small hope that I could win some cash. Doesn't $25,000 sound good? Of course, if I win it's usually a frickin' hash brown. Or better yet, an Egg McMuffin, which I don't eat and have to give away to my other half.

Do you have anything like this that you get excited for that is really kind of lame?


Anonymous said...

I like McD's Monopoly too.
I love the holiday coffee creamers that come out this time of year.

Starbuck's pumpkin spice latte' is worth the excitement and wait.

Subway just had a Scrabble game, but it wasn't quite as exciting as McD's.

Robyn said...

I haven't done a McD's game in years! Might have to pick it up again.

I love all the pumpkin, apple cider flavored stuff that comes out this time of year. Especially apple cider doughnuts!!