Friday, October 10, 2008

HFH update & other going ons

It's quick for me this morning. I'm heading out of the weekend to join some of my Disney pals from Passporter for our annual Mall of America meet. We've been doing it for 6 years. We'll have some good eats, great laughs, and lots of scrapbooking happening.

Hot for the Holidays - Totally sucked this week. I'm up two pounds. sigh. I can't really complain as I was NOT well behaved at all this week. I'm trying to remember that overall I'm down 10+ pounds from last year, but that didn't help when I got on the scale this morning.

I had something I had planned on writing about and thought about it last night while laying in bed, waiting to fall asleep. But hot damn, I can't remember what it's about now. Crap.

I did see something rather disturbing in the last day or two. Something that really made me pause and wonder if true unity can ever be found in this country again. I plan to write a bit more about it, but time today.

Also, got a give a shout out to my friend Dawn. Happy Birthday my friend. I love you lots!!

Okay, see you all after the weekend!


Pam said...

fluctuations will happen..i know you'll do better next week :)

i see on your profile you had preeclampsia. i did, too, w my oldest. i ended up getting eclampsia and having seizures during labor. was not sure i was going to make it. i had to be put to sleep for emergency c-sec. my parents had said that my son's head looked like a watermelon because he was in there so long. luckily tho, he had no effects (i know someone whose daughter wasn't so lucky..basically vegetative), and i'm still here. that was 21 years ago :)

Christie O. said...

that's ok!! 2 pounds, we've all been there (me last week!) keep on keepin on sister!!! xoxo

Betty said...

I live to laugh, too! I love that in your profile.
Hope you have a fun trip and will be back to read about the disturbing thing you saw last week.
I came over from Christie O.
Have a great weekend!

Honey Mommy said...

I was up this week to! I guess we'll both have to do better in the week ahead!

Laura said...

ups and downs happen. here's to a better week.
i hope you remember what you wanted to write about. i hate when that happens to me and it happens too often lately.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, chickie!
Loved the card...made me pheklempt!