Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer of Me-Fri, July 11

No weight loss for me this week. I'm up a pound, but I actually think that's good for this week. I've had a bad eating week, and am on track to do better this weekend. On the good side, my smaller size shorts are actually kind of loose! My body feels like it's changing.


Anonymous said...

Your body probably is changing. It's such a long road, but each little step makes it worth it.

Keep at it, you're doing great!

I'm proud of you!

Christie O. said...

that's ok!! anyway, so what because you WIN THIS WEEK! YAYYY! Can you e-mail me your address and head over to and pick out a shirt/size/slogan? I'll e-mail you my contact there and you can tell him whatcha want. Yay!