Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer of Me July 18th

Well, this was an improvement. I'm down 2 pounds, and that's with me starting to PMS. I've been controlling my hunger, well, okay. I'm doing well with portions, let's say that. Only had one piece of pizza last evening for dinner. Of course, I followed it up later in the evening with butter dripping popcorn. Oops.

I haven't been on the game for exercise this week. I feel incredibly tired, and honestly just would be happy to lay my fat ass on the couch all day. This is a byproduct of some other issues I have this month and I'm working to overcome it.

My goal as we enter the last week of the Summer of Me is to lose 1-2 more pounds. With AF coming, I'm not sure it's possible, but I'm going to try.

Summer of Me Homework: Christie is having us answer one of two questions this week....and this is what I chose to have fun with:

-I'd have no problem losing weight (or keeping it off) if it weren't for ___________. (Fill in the blank--and it can be serious or not so serious, you decide!).

I'd have no problem losing weight if it weren't for pizza. Honestly. I could eat pizza every day of the year. I can eat it multiple times a day. It's so yummy.

Lately we've been taking advantage of Little Sleazers $5 pizza's. Of course I HAVE to have the crazy bread too. Oh, my...I can eat that as a meal itself every day. It's heartbreaking to see though that we are going to start having to buy two pizza's at a time, especially if we want leftovers or more than two pieces each. The kids love pizza too and will demolish their plates if in the mood. That always seems to coincide on a day where my belly thinks it could handle half the pizza itself. heheh.

Pizza Hut is another favorite of mine, but one I eat rarely. I salivate for a pan pizza with green olives and mushrooms. Oh my god, I can smell it right now. Their breadsticks are pretty darn tasty too. Too bad, their pizza is so damn expensive for our family.

I'm not a fan of Domino's. At all. But if it's there I'll eat it. But you won't see me ordering it myself.

We have a local joint that is purely heaven. Sam's Pizza is a fantastic place to dine and a person can eat an entire "small" pizza themselves. (Dawn, you can attest to that, right?) And the real parm they have too. Settle that with a root beer and I'm done.

We usually eat Jack's for frozen pizzas. My treat to myself is a Digornio Garlic Bread Pepperoni pizza. That fulfills me nicely. yummy.

I better stop, all this pizza talk is making me hungry. And there's no pizza in sight for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

OH my gosh, what a great post! I was thinking of those days we'd go and have a meal at Pizza Hut of only cheesy breadsticks! The good days.

We eat lots of 'za too, it's so easy! And, like you, we're a 2-pizza household too. Sam's IS killer, I crave it often., but since I'm not in town, I settle for Hut, or Jack's Bacon Cheeseburger (rising crust). There's also something about Tombstone that I like too, even though it is overprocessed.
OK, I'm hungry...

E. Tyler Rowan said...

Two pounds is a great loss! And you even got to enjoy some good stuff (mmmm, pizza and popcorn). I've always been a believer in eating what you want, in portions that are good for you. Keep up the losing!

Here's my little tip for losing while PMSing...water, water, water. Drink so much water that you pee on the hour every hour! Also, I find it kinda helps me avoid the PMS munchies.

Anonymous said... I want pizza!! thanks Denise lol